Would I get a tattoo? For the longest time I have said no. I have said I would not deface my body. I wonder if that is my mother speaking, the association that people with tattoos are from the unmentionables part of society. Do I like tattoos on others? On some, oh yes! Some of the tattoos I have seen are wonderful. But as I get older I wonder if I am missing out in this thing. I look at the influential members of society I have around me, bosses, church leaders and public service members. I see many of them have tattoos for a reason. Am I missing the significance of these milestones? Then again they may not be for me. I have thought about tattoos, I have thought I would like one. When I loose a few thousand pounds. But if I was to get a tattoo I would probably go with one of these.

imagesCAV9WUN2                                          cat outline


I have thought maybe starting a back piece? But then again, it is a needle…