This post is part of the December 2013 Blog Chain at Absolute Write. This month’s prompt is “250-Word Story Chain, or, The Blog-O-Phone.”

Orion_Mk3, Ralph Pines and ishtar’sgate come before me with the beginning three sections of the story.

 Mossfollow Wood (pt. 4)

Claire Wiggins stopped her slide as she watched the two grown men head off in two separate directions. They had both dropped their axes. She started to laugh knowing it would carry through the woods. She didn’t laugh in public ’cause now matter how she tried, she still sounded like a cackling witch.

She wondered how much longer it would take for the other contenders to come for this tree. Sliding all the way down, she dropped into the snow. Looking at the tree,  she realized that the axe hadn’t cut that deep despite how hard Ostafinski had swung. For such a large man that sure was a crappy swing.

Claire listened to the woods. She figured she’d best remove the axes and wipe away some of the foot prints before someone else came. Climbing back up to the upper branches, she peered out trying to see where everyone else was. Grandpa had told her this was the tree to hold on to. It was supposed to be the one that they were running lights out to. He said that after the initial rush, she could run the lights out in the afternoon.  Kyle and Chris were currently making their way from grandpa’s barn to this tree running the lights up the other trees along the way.

Claire looked and saw Ms. McHugh headed her way. Oh this should be fun. She looked at her array of supplies and wondered what she should dropp. She saw the red dye…

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