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Into Mossfollow Wood: Trapped

Claire looked at Beth down in the snow. Served her right for sitting on that branch; it was broken. She climbed down out of the tree and offered Beth a hand up.

“Think Grandpa will catch them?”

“Oh, I think your grandpa will be chasing those two for a while. I heard you offer Cal a tree?”

Claire looked at Beth, “Yeah, I did. But I guess he doesn’t want it. I have to wait for Kyle and Chris to get here.”

They stood there looking at each other when they heard a yell and followed by a lot of barking and snarling. Beth took of running and Claire scrambled to get back up in the tree.

Alan came running by first and clambered up into the tree, Cal wasn’t too far behind him and just made it up into the lower branches when the largest dog Claire had seen came snapping and growling at his heels.

“Who’s dog is that?”

“You know, I don’t have a clue.”

Alan looked up at Claire, “Do you have anything that will scare him off.”

“Uh, no. I think we’ll be stuck. I wonder if Grandpa knows whose it is?”

Claire moved down to sit on the branch above Cal, “Where is my grandpa?”

Alan and Cal looked at each other and then her. “I don’t know. We’d just split and he was right behind me before I ran into that.”