Part 1

Part 2

Bobby quickly tilted his head, tongue-tied unable to either look at the Alpha or talk. “I… I…”

Kip raised his hand to touch the lesser-wolf’s neck, “I’m sorry. I need to know where my mate is.”

Bobby shook his head looking for Drew’s brother, who was thankfully coming his way.

“Is there a problem?” Danen asked once he reached  his commander and the pup. Bobby was a good kid and there shouldn’t be any problems. Danen was not prepared for Kip’s piercing green eyes to zero on him and then for the man to start sniffing him.

“Who have you been near?” Kip demanded. Somehow, someway he would get an answer and find his mate. Well, Kip sighed, he’d find out who his mate was. Finding and keeping his mate would have to wait until after this last mission.

Danen looked back taking in Kip’s expression, the only person he’d up close to recently was his brother. Eyes widening he looked at his commander, oh crap!