Part 2

Part 3

Danen looked at his commander and then Bobby, “Where did Drew go?”

Bobby fidgeted shuffling from foot to foot, looking at the alpha and then Danen.

“Come here.” Danen reached for the young pup, tucking Bobby under his shoulder. “Where is Drew?”

Bobby cuddled into Danen, “He left, he said to tell you. I don’t think I smell like him anymore.” Peering up at Danen, “Do I?”

Danen looked down into the large chocolate eyes staring up at him through thick lashes. “You didn’t get all the smell off. Kinda hard when he owns the place.”

“umm. hmmm.”

They both turned to the alpha, oops. “Who you are smelling is my brother. We should go talk there is a lot that you need to know about him.”

Kip, was rocked back by the news. His subordinates brother? His mate had been this close all of this time? Did the council know? “We’ll talk on the way. We have a last mission to go do before we get our release orders.”

Kip turned leaving Danen and the young pup with anxious eyes to talk as he went to tell the rest of his team they were leaving. His mate’s name was Drew. Was is short for Andrew? He’d have to find out. At least he now had a name to go with the wolf he had met three years ago while on a mission for the council. He would have to call them, but first the mission and all the information he could get from Danen.