Part 3

Part 4

Danen watched his commander stalk over to the rest of their team. Oh this was going to be a rough assignment. He would have to take a minute and call his father. He would have talked to Drew, but the brat had taken off, and if Danen remembered who all was in his brother’s pack finding him would not be easy.

“Hey Bobby, can you tell Drew to knock off the drama?”

Bobby looked at Danen, “Drama?”

“Yes drama pup. He didn’t need to take off like that. I have a feeling he knew who Kip was.”

Danen watched as Bobby’s pert nose scrunched up. Kissing it he gave the pup a quick squeeze, “I’ll see you when I get back. Stay out of trouble.”

Drew headed to his team as they began gathering their stuff. Grabbing his coat as Tyson tossed it at him, he fell in line behind his commander. “Hey Kip, I need to call my dad before we leave.”

“Your dad? Oh you mean Elder Mahigan?”

“Yes. I need to know what he knows and find out if I am supposed to interfere.”

“Interfere?” Kip stopped, causing Danen to sidestep quickly or risk running into the man.

“Yes, you do know Drew is an Omega right?”