Do you know what these crazy people did? They decided that this month we ‘characters’ get to write about them. Do they not realize… well it doesn’t matter. Here’s a list of all my counter parts..

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I guess I should introduce myself, my name is Io and I am an imp. I am not mean, I just get into trouble. I so have so much fun and I think if Nasagi caught me in one more embarrassing situation he may just loose his mind. Or my butt will get a little bit warmer. Well it already is warm a nice rosy warm. Oh I can hear both of them telling me to do what I am supposed to do.

And do you know what SHE has done? She’s left me back in…ย Well I don’t know where she left me, all on my lonesome not letting me get into any mischief. Then! What does she do knowing that I have to write something? She sends the computer into the shop. I keep telling her NOT to let her son use the computer. But she does, something about him needing to learn how to be computer savvy. And what happens, the dang thing breaks. Good thing she got it back just in time to let me get my writing done.

What can I say about her? She spends more time reading than writing. And more time writing about other boys than about cute little me. I mean what’s cuter than a little imp who has the heart of a big burly man? Nasagi loves me. Oh, off target again.

Well, I guess with all of the characters running around in her head she may have forgotten me a little bit. But I am still there! I really don’t know what else to write about her. I mean she’s kinda boring, a single parent who works all day long and then well parents all night and all weekend long. Where is the time to write?

Well I gots to go. Master says it is bed time and I soo cannot wait.