News from the publishing world.

“We regret that your story is not what we are currently looking for. Please continue submitting to future submission calls.”

Oh, I so have the wording wrong. But that is okay. I will keep submitting and I will e-pub my failed submissions. As soon as I come up with a cover. And a back cover piece, and a meet the author piece.  I really do need to do that author piece, because it truly should be on my blog also.

What would I say? How does one make one’s self sellable? I definitely do not want to puff myself up and sell something I am not. At the same time I really do not want to seem boring.

Back to WIPs:

Doctor’s First – 1,000/10,000 (synopsis?)

Ike’s Bears – 3,000/12,000 (synopsis started)

WIP (not title yet) – just starting the synopsis

Finding Faith – TBD

Having Hope – TBD

Giving Grace – TBD

Saving Sarah – TBD

Losing Love- TBD

Yes those last five are a series, and yes those titles will stand. I have yet to determine exactly what facets of life my lovely ladies will face. It may be a while before these ladies actually touch paper as they are still percolating.