#WeAreSeniorsToo: A Follow up of sorts.

If you get a chance read the original post and the follow-ups. It is a good look at how students across America are segregated and treated according to whether they are ‘cool’ or not.

I was one of these students. My state has the Running Start Program, where high school juniors and seniors attend college and get both high school and college credits. In my small town I was one of the first to graduate with an AA and a high school degree. Myself and my fellow Running Start Students were not recognized. I think finally over a decade later students are now recognized for their achievements. For that I am glad, if I had to be overlooked for the later generations to be seen, then so be it. But the students and today’s youth are not going to learn how to de-segregate if we as the adults and role models do not change how we appreciate them.