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Lions and Lambs

Clara looked out over the meadow located behind the house she was considering buying. There was tons of room to run, not only for  herself but also for the rest of her flock. Of course barring any humongous predators running around they should be safe.

“What types of animals are there around here?” She turned towards the realtor waiting for here decision.

“Ummm, I don’t really know I never asked. I would assume the local animals, deer and rabbits.” Closing her file, the realtor looked back at Clara, “I think I heard about a bear last year. I don’t normally handle the sales out this far from town. Usually that is Eric’s job but he had something he had to do this weekend.”

“Well I appreciate you coming out and showing me. Is it move in ready?” Clara followed the realtor from the back porch to the kitchen. The house really was big, they had been through two front room, a living room with a fireplace, another den and the room that led out onto the porch. There was plenty of room to expand the house and still leave room for the five car garage that was attached.

“This is the kitchen, as you can see there is a large window nook and an island with  a grill. There are two ovens and the one refrigerator in here. There is another freezer in the attached pantry.”

Clara was falling more and more in love with the house. They would have to monitor for the local predators, but that shouldn’t be a problem. “We’ll take it.”

Eric lazed in a tree not far from the house his partner was showing. The wind shifted and he picked up the scent of… food? not food? Ears perking forward, his tail involuntary twitching with energy he waited for the two women to walk off the porch. He would have to go let his pride know that this meadow was off limits.