Now I am not an expert nor will I ever be. I have had the privilege to follow a few gamers on the streaming site, Twitch. If you haven’t been to the site and are a gamer/nerd/geek/techy-person, GO!! There are some great personalities and some not so great.  Depends on what you are looking for and from what I have seen there may be a little something for everyone.

Ok, so not the point of this post. On the chat I was participating in, realizing there was a great chance I am older than most of the people there (know for a fact I have a decade on the stream-owner), we got to talking about operating systems. Oh, boy do I know I am old.

I grew up playing Claim Jumper on the Atari 400, learned how to type on it too. But Claim Jumper was fun, running from snakes and tumble weeds, getting gold. The day when a joy-stick operated game was just that, a joy-stick. At the same time we had the old Atari 2600, Pac-Man, Pong, Asteroids!!  Those were simple games. Fast forward a decade and we got an Original Super Nintendo with Super Mario Brothers. Not so simple joy-stick and a headache, dang Kupas kept getting me. LOL

Jump ahead another decade- internal online gaming. Oh, it didn’t last for long we took up to much bandwith on the LAN. But it was fun while it lasted. No shoot-em-up first playing games while on the sea. One word for you, SEASICK. At the same time I was learning how to play nice with the boys and shoot up aliens and each-other, I had delved back into card gaming: Magic: the Gathering. I am now kicking myself in the butt. I had probably $20,000 dollars worth of cards- split it between the neighborhood kids when I left. <sniff>

Lets time-warp: EVERQUEST!!! Oh I had all the expansions right until they started to come out with Everquest2. I had a blast, it was the greatest reward, get all the housed-hold stuff done, complete homework, then spend all night gaming! I had friends, well internet ones. But the funny thing is, I actually did have real world I see during the week friends who I played with. Camping MOBs, doing quests, getting stuck in worlds where I was the wrong level and someone from the guild had to come save me. That was often. I played a mage-gnome and loved it. Mages rule! Not paladins. hmmmph… But sad to say, online fees and real life didn’t add up and I had to quit playing.

Fast forward, oh a year or two… WebKins. I would have never started playing this but within the largeness of our family there were a few little ones who wanted to play this. Not a problem, I being the responsible-have-no-clue-gaming Aunt played. And spent more money than I should of on a fad that quickly went by the wayside. Still have the squishy toys somewhere.

A few Leapster games, and now in the house we everything from original Gameboy- to the new PS4 with Destiny-beta. I so suck at that, its those joysticks I tell you!!

Personally I have just got back into gaming and enjoy watching people more than the play, though my fingers are itching to get back to the keyboard and I am literally drooling over a gaming system I looked at online – $4560.00. Yeah, okay a little much, but I would be able to do everything and Publish. A bit much?

So now, to assuage the check-a-book, I am playing Hearthstone and yes I will be doing the game the old fashioned way. Earning my cards by completing quests. Slow going.

But hey! I can watch Hearthstone online and learn what cards to put in what decks, and yes, I am playing a Mage mainly. Have to level up the other 8 heroes first. Slow going… Fun though. Then, then once the real world decides to play nice and says there is no more debt…. New computer and WOW here I come!!!