Emma looked out the plane window as it taxi’d towards the hub. Consciously stopping the jumping in her legs she focused on the tarmac. Too much caffeine,not enough sleep and a whole lot of nerves. What was she thinking? Moving from home to here? Almost half a continent away, and the sky was so grey.Taking a deep breathe Emma closed her eyes and leaned back in her seat. Was it only two weeks ago?

We’d love to have you come work for us. We have a wonderful position for a new narrative writer for the games we have coming out. Plus what we have read of your work we want to know if you would be willing to help with the new story arcs that are coming out.” 

Someone somewhere had read her work and liked it of all things. Her work. So much support from her online followers, not friends she didn’t know them really, though there was one. That would be a fluke. She hadn’t said where she was going, or who she was being hired by. Not wanting to jinx herself before she landed and got started.

Waiting until most of the passengers had disembarked, Emma gathered her computer case and walked up the airbridge to the terminal. The company had said they would send one of her new coworkers to pick her up, they’d be waiting outside checkpoint two. Which was just in front of her.

Emma looked up recognizing the face at the same time he said her name…