Okay, now this may sound, well I don’t know. For a few months my days started out with wonderful posts (well a wonderful post) each morning. Much motivation to get out of bed and start my day. Well the posts have been dwindling and so has my gumption to get up and go.

Not today, not a post I wanted. I could have done with out one. But not a bad post and positive for some others. Truly, no bitterness and much love to the other. I happen to like those posts, just not the first one.

I still got out of bed, did my arm and shoulders exercises(hey no exorcist today!) and downed the god-awful protein drink. Normally I love chocolate, somehow they missed the mark on this one. But I will drink it because, honestly I don’t have the money to waste buying a new bag of supplements. Maybe by the time I am done with it I will have a way to make it palatable.

Now, well my day is better, my kid’s not so much. Bus is running late and I am an hour away.

But, in my post missmypicturehessomeantome pout, I have realized something. I should be grateful for what I have.

To a better morning and a better day.