Well, yes I have succumbed. I missed my magey-gnome so much I am going back…

Yes, I am going back to WOW. I played a long time ago with a friend on their account, thus the need to get my own. And I did. After much debating and looking around I purchased the beginning boxed set.

However, I know how much time I don’t have for playing. So, thanks to the invention of prepaid cards, I’ll just purchase a few months at a time.

NaNo is starting up soon, so I will have no time I am sad to say.

But anyways I have so digressed from the original purpose of this post, it is the chat’s fault and Twitch’s as to why I am running screaming and jumping back onto the band wagon. No, seriously it’s all their fault.

Good news on the gaming front- I only have 3 more heroes to level up to level 10 before the next set of goals.

I hope all is going well for everyone.

sept oct 2014 075I am starting to like playing this character. I will have to find the picture from last night. Epic win!