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November 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

To all my followers who celebrate:

Happy Thanksgiving! May it be filled with love and laughter.

And for all others may you have a blessed day also filled with love and laughter.



I wonder if anyone else has noticed this that in social media if you show skin, you get followers. And if you show skin, they seem to want more. I would love to say it has to be good skin, but well people have unique tastes is all I can say.

And people talk about it, see I am talking about it here. I just don’t want to name names or point fingers or offer publicity for people. I agree skin sells. It sold me. I look and I like looking, but I think there is a very thin line between showing skin to offer pointers in exercise or a hey look I have abs and oh my god you did not just show me that!

Look at how much the ‘famous’ people sell magazines for showing skin. Even non-famous persons sell items by showing skin. And sometimes the skin showing has nothing to do with what is being sold. Is this mis-representation of the item being sold?

I wonder how much all that skin showing will come back to bite people on the bums as they climb the ladder to success. I wonder how much the lack of skin showing, the lack of showing be at all will make the climb that much harder for myself. I may just need a model to put up to gather followers….

But that is another post… I am talking about how I do not show skin. Therefore I do not get the media presence that I would like to have to sell the items I am selling. I do cheat on this. I show skin, drawn skin, as in near nude portraits of the men from my imagination to sell the books I have written. It sells. It works. The books that have nakedness sell better than the books that do not. But sex sells, and if the book doesn’t have sex in it, I do not put the sexy pic on the cover. Makes sense, then I am not false advertising.

But some social sites are starting to put restrictions on how much clothing the host needs to have on in order to stream or broadcast their channel. There are even media sites that you have to have the age restrictions in place in order to post, show, promote half nude/skin showing images.

How do you feel about people using near-nakedness/nakedness to sell themselves and/or their products?

Do you think that there is a point where too much skin is too much?

Share below…

Share Your World – 2014 Week 47

This week’s Share Your World prompt from Cee is one question.

List at least 50 Things You Enjoy.  Here are some categories to inspire your thinking. >> I am so taking this in a turn about as things I enjoy and things I am thankful for.

Well not so much one question as one prompt, one item to think on. Funny I was thinking over the weekend that I didn’t start a blog chain with what I am thankful for this year. And in no particular order:

  1. The 100 plus followers on WordPress
  2. The 100 plus followers on my FacePage (J Elyzabeth)
  3. All the yummy pictures on Instagram (actually I really do enjoy those, some I have been able to use as inspiration to keep writing)
  4. My sister for helping me so much with my son
  5. In an odd way my son, who *gasp* turns 13 in January
  6. That I am still writing
  7. My JOB (in this time and age, yes a job is the greatest thing)
  8. That the internet is here, the ability to meet so many people from all over
  9. My computer
  10. That I am losing weight
  11. Absolute Write (I love the people there)
  12. My phone
  13. YouTube
  14. InstaGram
  15. Reading good books
  16. Finding out that a series has MORE books
  17. Sleeping in on Saturdays
  18. Cooking
  19. People enjoying my cooking
  20. Flirting
  21. Coffee
  22. Tea
  23. Pizza – good pizza all nice and warm from the oven
  24. Minion Jammies
  25. Twitch
  26. Gaming- oh how I missed thee! I am coming back lol
  27. Music
  28. Sitting down with family and enjoying the fact I still cannot play with game system controllers
  29. Curtains
  30. Minion Shirts
  31. My car still runs
  32. Sound of Silence
  33. Honest people
  34. Rain
  35. Watching horrible B rated movies
  36. Knitting
  37. Shopping
  38. Daydreaming
  39. People without meaning to, who brighten up my day
  40. That I stepped out of my comfort zone, while it may have bit me in the butt, (I hope I find out soon)
  41. A good bra. I can write that, I am female, honestly it makes all the difference
  42. That I have good skin and do not need to wear makeup to make myself look decent to walk out the door
  43. My hair- its finally getting to a fun length
  44. When I get new followers on any of the media sites I am on
  45. When someone I follow, follows back
  46. The out of the blue “how are you doing” messages that show up every now and then
  47. Realizing that I am not alone in this crazy world
  48. New challenges
  49. The words “You’ve got mail!”
  50. Being ALIVE

Thank you!!!

Unplanned post-

I reached 101 followers this week.

I am so grateful to my followers, I promise to be more active and here on my blog. Thank you to everyone who has been so loyal over the past 5 years that I have been blogging.

Let me know in the comments below if you want me to post about anything specific.



Tears fall

Picture fade

Life unfolds

Feelings enrage

Fears arise

Questions unanswered

Life entangles

Desperation ensues

Waiting again

Baited breath

Crumbs crackers

Love laughter

Smiles sighs

Realty intrudes

Truth enfolds

Life breathes

Moments count

Tears fall

Pictures fade

Distance seperates

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