This week’s Share Your World prompt from Cee is one question.

List at least 50 Things You Enjoy.  Here are some categories to inspire your thinking. >> I am so taking this in a turn about as things I enjoy and things I am thankful for.

Well not so much one question as one prompt, one item to think on. Funny I was thinking over the weekend that I didn’t start a blog chain with what I am thankful for this year. And in no particular order:

  1. The 100 plus followers on WordPress
  2. The 100 plus followers on my FacePage (J Elyzabeth)
  3. All the yummy pictures on Instagram (actually I really do enjoy those, some I have been able to use as inspiration to keep writing)
  4. My sister for helping me so much with my son
  5. In an odd way my son, who *gasp* turns 13 in January
  6. That I am still writing
  7. My JOB (in this time and age, yes a job is the greatest thing)
  8. That the internet is here, the ability to meet so many people from all over
  9. My computer
  10. That I am losing weight
  11. Absolute Write (I love the people there)
  12. My phone
  13. YouTube
  14. InstaGram
  15. Reading good books
  16. Finding out that a series has MORE books
  17. Sleeping in on Saturdays
  18. Cooking
  19. People enjoying my cooking
  20. Flirting
  21. Coffee
  22. Tea
  23. Pizza – good pizza all nice and warm from the oven
  24. Minion Jammies
  25. Twitch
  26. Gaming- oh how I missed thee! I am coming back lol
  27. Music
  28. Sitting down with family and enjoying the fact I still cannot play with game system controllers
  29. Curtains
  30. Minion Shirts
  31. My car still runs
  32. Sound of Silence
  33. Honest people
  34. Rain
  35. Watching horrible B rated movies
  36. Knitting
  37. Shopping
  38. Daydreaming
  39. People without meaning to, who brighten up my day
  40. That I stepped out of my comfort zone, while it may have bit me in the butt, (I hope I find out soon)
  41. A good bra. I can write that, I am female, honestly it makes all the difference
  42. That I have good skin and do not need to wear makeup to make myself look decent to walk out the door
  43. My hair- its finally getting to a fun length
  44. When I get new followers on any of the media sites I am on
  45. When someone I follow, follows back
  46. The out of the blue “how are you doing” messages that show up every now and then
  47. Realizing that I am not alone in this crazy world
  48. New challenges
  49. The words “You’ve got mail!”
  50. Being ALIVE