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December 2014

Share Your World – week 51

I am participating in one last Share Your World for 2014. I am hopeful that these will continue next year. Here’s my answer to the four questions for this week.

Would you prefer snowy winters, or not, and why? 

NO no snow. I have a problem with snow. It is cold. While I do not mind the rain, as it can be just as wet I don’t like the snow. It prevents me from sending the kid out into the air, I feel trapped in the house as I do not like to drive in it. Now mind, I can drive in the snow. I often have, even traversing the roads carefully with black ice.(not fun) Granted, snow is pretty to look at until someone runs tracks through it and then it is just muddy. IF, we could have snow on the grass and not touch the roads with the roads remaining ice free, then a snowy winter could be fun. Then again, if I had someone to snuggle in front of a fire with on snowy days, I might be inclined to change my mind.

So, you’re on your way out and it’s raining. Do you know where your umbrella is or do you frantically search for it all over your apartment/house?

Umbrella? I am currently looking at the ceiling trying to remember the last time I saw my umbrella. I live in the northwest. There is no umbrella. Hoodies and dashing for cover, but alas no umbrella.

sept oct 2014 079

Do you prefer your food separated or mixed together?

Unless it is supposed to be mixed together (spaghetti, stir fry) separate please. I still to this day try to make sure the food does not touch. Granted sometimes this is not possible with the choices and amounts of food available to be had, but I do try. AND, if they must touch, then they must be eaten in such a way that eventually everything is spread out on the plate and not touching.

What is set as the background on your computer?

I actually had to go look. Normally I have one of the many solar systems as a background but today it is the sad blue one that comes with the computer. Wonder why I changed it?

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I am glad Christmas is over. I am thankful that it wasn’t as big of a fuster-cluck that can happen in a family as unique as mine. The kids in the family for the most part got what they wanted and almost all are thankful. Some are still feeling greedy, but I have hopes that this will pass.

As for the week coming up? While not looking forward, my son’s birthday is coming up. (it means I am a lot older than I care to admit or even face) I am looking forward to the new year, new plans, new thoughts, continued blogs projects and fun to be had. That and as soon as this weekend is over, school starts. Yeah!!


A Gnomey Christmas

I am prefacing this with an apology to all World of Warcraft players. I haven’t been in the world in a long time and am just using a bit of fanfic and a whole lotta giggles to write this.  To those who possible know where this comes from, Forgive Me?

And now…   A Gnomey Christmas

As a baby Arcane Mage, Jelly knew she really should not have been playing with snow. How was she supposed to know that it would land in the house? In the growly bear’s room. Which was off limits and thus being off limits, it was Draw and Odd’s job to clean up the mess. She cooked, retrieved tea took care of the garden (icky dirt) but did not clean. The kitchens yes, the rest of the garrison, no.

Pulling at the weeds in the herb garden, she was grounded from playing with magic at the moment. As there was no one around to get her from where ever she teleported. That really was an odd thing to keep happening…

“hmmmph” yanking at a rather tough weed, wait. That wasn’t a weed, Jelly sat back on her heels and growled. And promptly landed on her ass, well might as well lay all the way down.

It was the shiny boots next to her head that got her attention. The shiny boots and shiny wings, which meant maybe the growly bear had not been in the house? Obviously to the tavern, not the house?

“Yes the house.”  Oops did she say that out loud?

“Yes. Finish the garden. Then help them out.”

Well at least it wasn’t an anaconda, or a fox.  Well, it could have been a bunch of bananas, ooo maybe Odd would let her work on conjuring up bananas? Or maybe Draw would for her? Bananas had to be good for something.


Standing up, Jelly looked up. Damn paladin was too tall. Why was she a gnome again?

“Snow goes outside. Wait until someone can help. Please?”

It was the tired sound that got her, “Okay.” Bananas were definitely needed.

Crawling across Draw and Odd that night Jelly snuggled down against the far side of the bed. “Thanks guys.”

“Your gonna get killed for the bananas you know.”

“Yup and you’ll be right there with me.”

“A dwarf, a gnome and  a paladin walk into a kitchen.” Jelly stopped tilting her head, “I can’t go anywhere with that.”

Waiving her hand, the teas landing where they were supposed to for once. On the bar, not in laps. Though that last time wasn’t an accident. One really should not question her cooking methods, or have such poor language in the house. So sad that person would not be back.

“That really would have been in poor taste”

Jelly just smiled, silly bear of course it was in poor taste. Serving up the chicken, veggies and icky potatoes she listened as they discussed guild matters, raids, quests and other what not that really did not make any sense. Maybe a trip to the library again, or wait. She could go play cards tonight. hmmmmm

“I’ll be gone for a bit.”


Jelly looked at the house. It had been hard sneaking out on Christmas night. The bed creaked, the floors were cold and the dang door squeaked again. She’d have to fix that later. But for now….

“Merry Christmas!”

“and where is our little gnomey-gnome?”

Odd and Draw looked at each other and ran out the front door into white powdery stuff.

“She did it.”

“It’s your turn to go get her”

“Yep she did. Care to explain the snow and the bananas?”

Looking up at the paladin, the dwarf and gnome looked back down at each other.


Jelly sat quietly at Razorscale’s Aerie. It was a safe spot as long as she stayed still. Such a pretty dragon flying overhead, shouldn’t take the silly paladin more than two hours to clear out the area so she could go home. The trouble caused when messing with things one should not do. Good thing the realm had a reset button. Yep, a very Merry Christmas to all.

Now about that last spell…


Share your World – wk 50

Once again as the year closes I am participating in Cee’s Share Your World.

Do you have a signature dish? If not is their one in your family?

I did. I usually make water chestnut bacon wraps, but thankfully have finally passed this down to the younger generation. Not that it is a hard recipe, bacon, water chestnut, Worcestershire sauce ketchup. Bake, mix, dip and bake. It’s good!

The process is just slow and tedious, and because it is a family favorite  I was starting to look at 4 to 5 lbs of bacon on the main holidays. That’s a little to much wrapping and dipping for me.

I made fudge this year. Yummy (almost all gone)

Do you have a favorite board game?

Board game? Well l love Monopoly (usually lose). Don’t really get a chance to play any games. I can get very intense in the games and well.. not everyone plays that way.

Is there a household chore that you enjoy?

Cooking. When it is something I like to cook (as long as it’s not baking). While there isn’t any chore I really enjoy I will definitely take dishes over cleaning bathrooms any day of the week.

 What is one thing you will never care about?

hmmm…. I really don’t know. I have a few nosey and inquisitive quirks that are hard to stop. I really do want to know what is going on on the other end of the phone/computer/messages that are none of my business. lol I think I worry and care a little bit more about the things around me than I should. While I do care about how I look- I really could care less about whether or not I have make-up on.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I am looking forward to having Christmas over. To have the holidays done with. I get way to stressed out this time of year and between family quirks and quibbles I do not always enjoy them. I would like to and I start out with the greatest of intentions… but yeah a road well paved.

I’m looking forward to next week’s challenge questions.

2014 what I learned

What I have learned this year:
Eat to lose weight (still hate breakfast)
Exercise to lose weight
Curl up with a good book
YouTube is awesome
As is Twitter, Twitch, and IG
I am okay with people not liking my books
I can publish books
I can write
I am ME
I really love men with accents
Jobs are good
Men can be smart and good looking
I am still a brat
(There are a few people out there who will understand this)
I am the reason for my finances
I am not a horrible mother (in-spite of what my mother says)
Don’t poke at growly Bears
Monkeys morph into bears
Hairy may not be so bad
There are good people in the world
Authors write back to followers
Boys are odd creatures (I love him anyways)
I love gaming
I still can’t play on the console games
I still rock on the PC
Apple is a necessary evil
There is a reason for everything
My tea is still too hot
I am an awesome minion
Friends are friends virtual or physical
My sister is a strong person
Love comes in various forms
I am eclectic and that is good
Distance sucks
Life is worth living
I don’t get tea with milk
Live laugh love
Anaconda is a do…n’t

Gaming Community (complete rambles)

I haven’t been in ages. I have been lost in YouTube and Twitter.

But the Gaming Community is a great place. Once you’ve established yourself as a player, you are missed in absences, appreciated in appearances and are able to gather friends from around the world.

Within the community, find your game, and play. Play well, play badly, just play and have fun. There is no reason to get all panties-in-a-twist because a game doesn’t go your way. Granted half the fun is the reactions people have when playing the games.

I soo suck at playing any game requiring a controller. However, after I don’t know how many restarts (still demo playing on the ps4) I am actually getting to understand MineCraft. Damn boxes. Love them even if they frustrate the rest of the house. lol I think with the console type games, I am just not close enough to the tv but, I am such an active player that I would probably knock the tv off the stand if I got too close.

I’ll have to find an upload one day. You would probably end up laughing too. I mean a not teenager ( I am not saying how old I am, but I have decided I am celebrating “7”s this year), moving the controller all over the space to make the dang characters on the tv jump. Why do you have to have a joystick to move and a joystick to look all over the place? Yes, I do occasionally end up kicking my feet as I wait for something to happen online. (okay, maybe more than…)

But I have fun, and it is great that I am not the only one in the house (mine or yours) that sits there and yells/pleads/argues with the game.

The great thing about community gaming is the people you can talk to, sometimes you get lucky and there are one or two people who are on the same time you are on it can become a great way to relax and relate with people. I think as long as you remain open minded and respectful there is so much more you can get from the world around you. Hey, with gaming you already have something in common.

Cyber hugs & kisses


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