What I have learned this year:
Eat to lose weight (still hate breakfast)
Exercise to lose weight
Curl up with a good book
YouTube is awesome
As is Twitter, Twitch, and IG
I am okay with people not liking my books
I can publish books
I can write
I am ME
I really love men with accents
Jobs are good
Men can be smart and good looking
I am still a brat
(There are a few people out there who will understand this)
I am the reason for my finances
I am not a horrible mother (in-spite of what my mother says)
Don’t poke at growly Bears
Monkeys morph into bears
Hairy may not be so bad
There are good people in the world
Authors write back to followers
Boys are odd creatures (I love him anyways)
I love gaming
I still can’t play on the console games
I still rock on the PC
Apple is a necessary evil
There is a reason for everything
My tea is still too hot
I am an awesome minion
Friends are friends virtual or physical
My sister is a strong person
Love comes in various forms
I am eclectic and that is good
Distance sucks
Life is worth living
I don’t get tea with milk
Live laugh love
Anaconda is a do…n’t