I am participating in one last Share Your World for 2014. I am hopeful that these will continue next year. Here’s my answer to the four questions for this week.

Would you prefer snowy winters, or not, and why? 

NO no snow. I have a problem with snow. It is cold. While I do not mind the rain, as it can be just as wet I don’t like the snow. It prevents me from sending the kid out into the air, I feel trapped in the house as I do not like to drive in it. Now mind, I can drive in the snow. I often have, even traversing the roads carefully with black ice.(not fun) Granted, snow is pretty to look at until someone runs tracks through it and then it is just muddy. IF, we could have snow on the grass and not touch the roads with the roads remaining ice free, then a snowy winter could be fun. Then again, if I had someone to snuggle in front of a fire with on snowy days, I might be inclined to change my mind.

So, you’re on your way out and it’s raining. Do you know where your umbrella is or do you frantically search for it all over your apartment/house?

Umbrella? I am currently looking at the ceiling trying to remember the last time I saw my umbrella. I live in the northwest. There is no umbrella. Hoodies and dashing for cover, but alas no umbrella.

sept oct 2014 079

Do you prefer your food separated or mixed together?

Unless it is supposed to be mixed together (spaghetti, stir fry) separate please. I still to this day try to make sure the food does not touch. Granted sometimes this is not possible with the choices and amounts of food available to be had, but I do try. AND, if they must touch, then they must be eaten in such a way that eventually everything is spread out on the plate and not touching.

What is set as the background on your computer?

I actually had to go look. Normally I have one of the many solar systems as a background but today it is the sad blue one that comes with the computer. Wonder why I changed it?

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I am glad Christmas is over. I am thankful that it wasn’t as big of a fuster-cluck that can happen in a family as unique as mine. The kids in the family for the most part got what they wanted and almost all are thankful. Some are still feeling greedy, but I have hopes that this will pass.

As for the week coming up? While not looking forward, my son’s birthday is coming up. (it means I am a lot older than I care to admit or even face) I am looking forward to the new year, new plans, new thoughts, continued blogs projects and fun to be had. That and as soon as this weekend is over, school starts. Yeah!!