An Adventure in Curtains-

November 3 091

Believe me it’s a ride!

So the front room in the house I am living in needs curtains. One large window had flowery curtains that were really out dated. A few decades old. The other had… Nothing. The shimmery see-through curtains that had once upon a time hung there, had fallen down. Flimsy curtain rod plus cat plus kids equals no curtains.

Now the room is a peach(?) color. Well it’s not white.  With a green accent wall. I didn’t choose the colors I just rent.

So out of the three choices I have in front of me I choose a rust colored one. It had gold on it, my thinking is it will match the clock I have. (I love the clock, it tells times in three time zones)

So I ordered the panels. Now note, I didn’t conference with anyone on my choice out of the options nor did I read the fine print. << Important part of the story.

So a week later our curtains come in. They are not a set of three pieces. It is the panels sewn to the valance. Not what I was wanting. And, to top it all off? The color was not a good color. It in no way matched anything. So, I return them to the store. That was the easy part.

While I am off returning bad curtains to the store, more options are being made for me to choose from when I get home.

Okay, choice made. And I ask for opinions before I order the panels and the valances. Once again I do not read the fine print. << De je vu?

Okay, two weeks later they come!!!! Yeah they match, they are gorgeous. There is not enough of them. Boo. I could have sworn the picture and description online said that there were two panels per package. No. One panel per package. One valance per package. So, I have enough to cover one window. Fine print people, fine print.

Now in ordering these curtains, I thought that they might have been see through? I wasn’t sure but, yes upon opening them. They are see through. So we need to get an under panel.

Okay. Now here’s the thing the buying the curtains is to help keep the heat in the house. The windows in this room are very large and very cold. And we needed to do this before winter, before it got too cold.

Ever notice I say “okay” and “so” a lot?

The curtains and valances had arrived that Saturday morning around 9:00 am. We started to dismantle the current curtains and realized new hardware was needed. The curtains I had just purchased would not work with what had been used to hang the old curtains.

And off to the store I go. I am lucky that I find enough panels of a solid color to cover both windows and I quickly find the hardware. And the shopping trip would not have taken as long as it did but I stopped to comment on an Instagram picture that had been posted. I felt the need to get my words out and reply to the reply, because well I feel this person is important.

Yeah home again!! I did good. The solid panels match the multi-colored panels at the house and the hardware matches and and and

Okay, now the fun part. Taking down the old hardware. That took a little bit of time because we have a regular screwdriver and the screws in the old hardware were put in with an electric screwdriver and painted over. The old curtain rods are the ones with the draw string where you pull on the looped-string to open and close the curtains.

Feed the kids.

Back to screwing in the new curtain rods. Three of them on each window. Okay.

4:00 pm

I think we ordered out for dinner. A little too tired to cook. Hey hanging curtains is hard work.

By I think 9:00 pm that night I think we have one and a half windows done. I say half because I had to order panels and valances for the other window. We could have not done the second window, but it made since to me to put the hardware up on both windows as I would more than not likely be home when the new set of curtains came in.

Two more weeks go by the curtains come in and I come home to the window being done.

Yeah!! Finally, after one more trip to the store to return the extra valances we are done.

The moral of the story? Read the fine print.

Until next time-

Cyber hugs & kisses.