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Janelle looked at the photo in her hand. Why she was here she didn’t know. Meggie had begged her saying that someone had to show. That leaving Max here to wait alone was just too wrong. That she could choose who she introduced Max to.

Uggh. She hated Disneyland. This was not her idea of fun and the half a million times she’d been dragged her had been by Meggie over the last five years. And the teacups? Really on Valentine’s Day, Meggie was supposed to have met Max. But no, being one of the few friends who could not go to Vegas for the elopement, Janelle was stuck breaking the poor man’s heart. Well not poor, she guessed.

Pausing, Janelle double checked the pictures on her phone. Meggie had sent her a few more in the last few minutes along with pictures of her wedding dress and the venue. How that girl had set things up so quickly in the last month was beyond her.

Sending a quick prayer and a small peek to make sure everything was how it was supposed to be, stupid shorts, Janelle started walking a little more quickly towards the ride. Supposedly they were meeting on the far side away from where the entrance to the ride was. Well not her and Max, but Meggie and Max.

She stopped and frowned. She was sure she knew who this was? How could she forget this face? People changed a lot in five years, she knew this from experience. Being a very fluid and happy person now. Man, Meggie had changed her life, made her face a few cold hard truths about herself.

But, those truths allowed her to be a better manager to her clients, though they weren’t really clients. More like an extended family that she had picked and chosen and luckily had been allowed into their lives. Though Meggie had more like stormed in and taken over, hence Janelle walking in 3-inch platforms on her way to the ride of horrors.

She did have to smile though, her family kept her hopping and depending on what or who was needed Janelle was able to haggle with the best of them and keep all of them happy and fed.

Looking up from her phone Janelle saw him in person. Watched his face as he recognized her. Saw the smile and the appreciation. Now Janelle knew…