Curled up biting a knuckle silently screaming “No” in disbelief pointing at the stupid screen.  (Anyone else have this reaction?)

Yes that was my response to the “Red Wedding”.

Okay the actual title to the episode is: The Rains of Castamere

I mean the music should have been a clue. Everyone told me just wait until the Red Wedding. I’ve seen a very few YouTubers react to it. They were kind enough to never give the spoilers. Their reactions should have been a clue. I was not ready. I went back and read the spoiler on WIKI- yeah it does not prepare you.

Now I won’t give a spoiler, If you are as I have been, a Game of Thrones virgin, GO WATCH!! I mean, just go watch.

Binge watch (which is what I do to catch up on seasons.)

Watch an episode or two each night.

Just go watch it.

Then when you get to Season 3 Episode 9?

Record yourself. Set up the cameral somewhere make sure you have a few hours’ worth of recording time available and record your reaction. The aftermath takes a while to process. I was at the end of the credits before my brain caught up with my eyes.

It is so worth it.

To quote Jaime – “And U will question life after that”

Yeah, two days later I am finally going back to, of all things, re-watch the episode and finish Season 3. Need to get them all watched before they disappear off of Xfinity.

And yes, I am questioning life. I even re-watched it and nope, still don’t quite comprehend. Though Episode 10 helped out, a little. Questioning the brilliance of George Martin. I mean….