I’ve seen this on a few of the Youtube channels that I follow and thought that it would make a great post. I’m just going to give myself five pieces of advice that for my past self that I have since learned now.

1. Your Grandpa really really does know what he is talking about when he tells you to not get a credit card. Don’t. You’ll get a chance to build credit when you buy a car. Once you learn how to live off of your paycheck then get ONE not 5.

2. Decorate your apartments yourself. Do not let others help. Listen and learn from their advice but do it yourself, otherwise it will be almost two decades later and you will not feel like you have a home because it doesn’t fit your personality.

3. Keep exercising! You always feel so great when you’re in shape. Work to keep that attitude going and do not let the negativity that surrounds you get you down.

4. Laugh. Your kid is cute. Cherish the moments when he giggles. He turns into a teenager one day.

5. Go talk to the rental agency. You only need one more month!! Think about your childhood and then put Josh first. One more month, that job you want and need? It’s there February 19th.

Just a few things for me. Now what do I tell my future self?

Share below any advice you would give yourself. Feel free to link a post to your blog.