I just got done looking at everything I have on my main page. That is a lot. And it is stark white. I am not loving the theme page I have used for ever. Any ideas on a new format?

I wonder how to regroup and make everything nice to see….

hmm… much to think on over the next few days. How do I do this? What should I choose? Any way to make it so my paragraphs quit adding spacing in my lines?

I am soo behind on how to manage WordPress… Should do this at home not at work.

And yes, I am still thinking about Frank. I have his partner and I think I will name him Matty, but I have to go find the story line where Frank first started and maybe repost those?

I love that I have readers, but it would maybe be nice to see who visits?

A sign in page? hmmm….. lol I don’t know.

If you can think of anything I could do to make this blog more user friendly I would so appreciate it.