April 2015 Blog Chain

Yes! It’s that time of month again. The time where fellow bloggers get together and post different genres all based on the same theme no longer than 1,000 words.

This month’s them: Three words

This month’s prompt: Pull three words from the list below and use them in your post.
Spring Break

Fellow Participants:
MJRevell http://mikerevell.com/blog/ (link to post)
Interfaced http://www.futureconscience.com (link to post)
BBBurke http://awritersprogression.blogspot.com/ (link to post)
Syrup http://asimplesyrup.com (link to post)
Springs2 Www.jozebwrites.blogspot.com (link to post)
Forbidden Snowflake http://www.vinjii.ch (link to post)

Rabbits and Wolves

Only a fool would walk into a meeting of rabbits and attempt to make off with the custard. I mean come on? What could one lone wolf do to the group?

Well obviously a lot. Mother was going to be so upset when she got home and found the flowers trampled. Who knew the alpha mate had such a sweet tooth? Oh, he wasn’t going to be any where near the warren when their mother got home.

His older brother may be the Alpha, but everyone know who ruled the nest. Not them. Their mother. Then again, they may be okay since mom loved his brother-in-law.

Then again, they were prize winning roses. Hmmmm…. maybe he needed to go visit the local pack. It might be safer being the lone prey in a den of wolves.