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May 14, 2015

Paypal button

Okay, it’s a donate not donate button. Basically it’s funding for my living…

I wonder how that works. I get money and supply posts. I just don’t want to piss off Paypal and have them cancel my account as it is how I give donations to other bloggers andΒ  gamers…

Anyone know the legalize for all this???


The beginning…

Matthew sat and watched. Well leaned against the bars and watched. He was so tired. Not hungry, not sore, no longer stiff and achy from sitting for so long, just tired.

The boy currently kneeling at his Master’s? feet was gorgeous. More so than he was. He had grown up late, a late growth spurt ruining the twink look he had going for him. Now, well he was too tall, too gangly, awkward. Awkward and bald, his soon to be former Master having shaved him bald. Everywhere, the dirty blonde hair… all gone.

He had seen this from the other angle, watched as the boy he replaced was let go. Closing his eyes, Matthew simply thought, “Please let me find someone.”

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