I hear that one more time I will scream.

You will look like a super model if you keep exercising.

Um, no I will not. I have genetics against me on that one. I am not 5’11” and no amount of exercise will get me to that height. I don’t know how many ‘fitness’ gurus I have listened to on social media or followed or talked to or accidently ran across. But I will never in a million years have the body to rival a Super Model.

What I will have is a shape made for me. Hopefully I can be happy with it. With exercise I will unfortunately get my ass back. Not everyone wants a big butt, but in order to loose weight and slim down, my butt firms up. It doesn’t match the fact that the top half of my body does not put on muscle. Yes slimming down will give me definition but that is it.

Genetics and diet and exercise regimen make the difference between how a person looks when they are at their fittest. Telling people, impressing upon young minds that through perseverance they will become this idealistic figure is wrong.  What the Public/Media figures need to say is that you will become, healthier and feel better all around through exercise. That not all shapes put on muscle well and that sometimes what you see in the fitness magazine is not what you will get.

Now that being said… Palease quit posting before and after pics where it really really looks like someone has been surgically altered. I’m sorry, but boobs are not naturally that round. Or high or perky…

I do appreciate the posts where you can 1: tell it is a real person, 2: see that the timeline they have given you is realistic.

I’m sorry I am a single mom. Unless I want to get 3 hours of sleep I do not have the time to exercise for 2 hours a day plus work plus travel plus be a parent. I do have time for a quick 20 minutes before my day starts and I can use part of my lunch. But by the time I am done for the night, I am done. Literally.

I in no way am against anyone saying ‘get in shape’ it will do you good.

It is simply the ‘super model’ comparisons that irritate me, and maybe hurt a little because I know the reality that I will never be that tall and in poor shape. If memory serves me, many of those models are underweight and not in shape. Don’t quote me. I could be wrong.