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August 2015

I am looking and have not yet found a theme I like.

I am looking to limit what I write about any ideas?

Any suggestions no how to set up this site?

aaaarrrrgggg! I am looking. Will Def. be archiving all posts but ones for a series I am looking for.

I am not archiving “Frank”. That story I will def keep up with.

I may be startingΒ  series on Minecraft.

I plan to erase all tags and catagories. I may end up with just static pages. Yet to decide.

It’s the beginning of the school year and I am split in a million different directions. That static of this page much reflects the static of the fact I have not cleaned my room in months….

Thank you for sticking with me while I fumble through this growth.




lost matt found francisco – love this muse

Currently working on a new layout for the blog. I’m going to be Archiving everything except for Frank, books and the Share Your World. 

I’ll be changing that author support/donation button to a subscription button. There’ll be no set price just however much a person is willing to pay. 

It’s the beginning of a school year so as soon as I get eight hours to myself I’ll start making changes. 

Thank you for staying with me! 

Luv all of you!


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