I really need to go back and read my last few posts.. I wonder if I have even listed my decided categories/pages that I intend on doing. I haven’t found a theme I like. I actually want to set this up right. I mean I pay money for it. I should make it look purrty. And I have been playing Minecraft instead of working on either the blog or my book. I can’t even use the fact that I am helping my sister with ItWorks, because well I have been doing that half-arsed as well. Bad sister 😀

I do intend on having Dr.’s First done by the end of the year. Not doing it is not an option. The fact that I am soo far behind in writing in general is sad.

I think I am having a Brat year. Look up the meaning of brat, go read Nether Kipping by Adam and Caleb. The definition of Brat. I am functioning, maybe. (insert baby temper tantrum)

Money- yes I do need to do an update. Short story? There is none and then there is none, and then yes well there is none. lol

But catagories:

Front page all about ME!


Published works

Hmmm… I don’t know what else…. Could do a list of shorts. Should restart the “Share Your World.” There will be an Archive category, but it won’t have it’s own page.

I am not getting rid of anything merely erasing all current labels and resorting. Fun? lol

If you haven’t, look to the left.

I have a Twitter feed over there. Random thoughts that show up through out the day. Stop by and say “HI!”