It’s not the 13th, yet!
Really simple trip at lunch. Right?

Go to Walmart to return a too small tv. 30 minutes in line waiting to do this. The lady who helped me was wonderful! The associates not stopping to help her? Pfft. 

Quick return. 

Go to the electronics dept. to go get a bigger tv. The tv is locked to a cable. Really? Wait to get an associate to unlock it. Go get in line in the electronics dept. to purchase it. The two guys there? Stuck on the phone waiting to activate the phones for their customers. Couldn’t call someone to walk me to the front registers… Finally I am out of there. 

Hangry now. 

Go to McDonalds, Im late now anyways. Give my order, pull forward to have the manager come out and start talking to the cars in front of me. Finally gets to me. The computer systems are down. They are taking orders manually at the first window. Talk with girl there. All I want is a cheeseburger and a McChicken sandwich. Thank you!! I get them for free. 

Decide to drive around the lake to avoid downtown traffic. 

Wait ten more minutes. Finally back to the office 35 minutes late. I’m lucky my boss likes me.