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November 2016

You can. You can do anything under your own steam. On your own. But eventually you will wear out. You will lose your way. You tire. 


You can ask God (your religious figurehead) for the Holy Spirit (spiritual guidance) [you have to get what I mean here. It’s easier for me to go forward referencing my God. But this is true, two make a task easier than one.] and be moving everyday in His direction under His infinite steam. With Him you can go forward, have the energy, be a beacon. Doesn’t mean the task ahead of you is easy. He never said it would be. In fact I am  sure it us said many times it won’t be. But with Him you will have the strength. Which is greater? Man or the Supernatural?

If you tire you are at crossways with Him because nothing done in true love is tiring.  In true love, the Father’s love, Abba’s love, there is no end of the strength and flow of the love pouring out. Filling you. Reviving you. 

The eternal spring is that, eternal. 


In our hunt for rigteousness we forget what is good. “‘ I desire mercy, not sacrifice.’ For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” (Matt. 9:13) We forget what it means to survive, not live. We seek glory and riches at the expense of others. The saddest part? We glorify the evil, the things of this world. Our media is full of lies and contempt. We are Shocked when something is shown in a good light. As a whole those who are ‘good’ are ridiculed and made less. It appears we have forgotten to hope. 

Mercy, not condemnation. Love not pity. Hope. 


I forgot all about yesterday. It was rough. Everytime I get a little foundation built, my world goes poof. Then, well I am waiting for this love everyone talks about. Freedom from oppression. I fully believe   when someone comes at you with the expression I do this out of love it is not that. It is my association that those words mean pain for me. I hope I pray for an understanding. 
I wonder what Frank is up to. I think the last I left them was huddled on the floor in a safe spot. 

My wish for all of us is that safe spot. May you find yours as I search for mine. 


Where were you a year ago? 

I was living in a house falling down around my ears. Not the structure but the created chaos within. 

It is argued to this day who was the largest contributor to the slight insanity. I will admit I had my part. And now? Well I am paying for my part and beyond. One day it will go better. 

We haven’t talked finances in a while. We should. Just not Friday morning. 



I didnt plan welll. Finally got the Kindle 8.  Was going to write a review. Havent played with it enough. I should go play. 

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