You can. You can do anything under your own steam. On your own. But eventually you will wear out. You will lose your way. You tire. 


You can ask God (your religious figurehead) for the Holy Spirit (spiritual guidance) [you have to get what I mean here. It’s easier for me to go forward referencing my God. But this is true, two make a task easier than one.] and be moving everyday in His direction under His infinite steam. With Him you can go forward, have the energy, be a beacon. Doesn’t mean the task ahead of you is easy. He never said it would be. In fact I am  sure it us said many times it won’t be. But with Him you will have the strength. Which is greater? Man or the Supernatural?

If you tire you are at crossways with Him because nothing done in true love is tiring.  In true love, the Father’s love, Abba’s love, there is no end of the strength and flow of the love pouring out. Filling you. Reviving you. 

The eternal spring is that, eternal.