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August 2019

I have come to the realization that I am not home enough to have a cat. Nor is this apartment large enough.

I admit I am too lazy for a dog. And again, I am not home enough for one.

But a feesh (yes I know, fish). A feesh I could do. So, I get a used tank from family. Now note I want feesh. Not snails. As this is a used tank, and said owner has occasionally had the snail explosion. I thought ok I’ll follow the start up cycle. Give it a couple weeks.

Tank is started, teeny plant all by itself. Two weeks go by. No snail. This is good.

I go get a few more plants, turn on the heater. All is good.


I come home from work

And there on the front

And there on the side



Threefourfivesix …. no

Yes. Not feesh, no I haven’t bought those yet.


So now we wait. What type of snails and no I don’t want that many. Depending on the type, I might let one not-feesh live. Might.

So this weekend I will have to become a murderer and start hunting down the unwanted guests.

I am alone. I have work. I have family i dont talk all that much to.

What if i was to take my insanity and add to this?

Write what i imagine significant others would be like?

Or have i just crossed that line?

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