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January 2020

Writing.Com 101 may be a new site for me to go to.

I’ve heard too many bad things about other sites. Hmmm. will have to do more research.

I am looking for somewhere that I can do like writing chains and blog sprints and just short writes while I contemplate writing a larger piece.

its a mess  – working to clean it up….

New year new set up.

I plan to spend January cleaning up this blog. Removing posts and updating pages !!!!

Very excited!

Just so I don’t lose sight of my plans, upcoming pages/posts are:

2020 Read list: What I read this year

Published Works

Works In Progress (actually writing- not a concept)

2020 Current Interests

2020 Places I want to go and how I’m gonna get there!

My goal is to make this meaningful and not the scatterbrained blog its been.

If I didn’t have to work and I actually remembered the password I’d start tonight!

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