I’m pretty sure I have said it before. And believe me I had a two day crises before I posted the pictures of my answer to seven questions.

Then I realized, if they took the time to write these questions and I took they time to actually write an honest response. Which I did. I realized honesty was the only response. And I mean not the surface answer, but the inner reflective answer.

Which resulted in a not-answer. But not a not-answer. What honest answer and thought doesn’t result in a little self-awareness.

So I posted my response. Not with the hope that they would see my response, but the hope that how I currently view the world would resonate with someone.

If you’re wondering, go delve into the army of responses to #TO_BTS on Twitter.

But my thought at the beginning of this thread was they cannot read it if you don’t write it, don’t post it.