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February 2021

Ok. 2020 did a thing. And all good plans and goals and wants and yeah… I tried and I did better than I thought.

Is it where I think I should be. Am I where I want to be. No. … But I have to take into consideration that this was a crazy year. Stress was astronomical. It was crazy. And my goals I tried to achieve? Well they may have been a little crazy too.

Welcome 2021. I am me. I am going to work on being a little more forgiving of myself. Set smaller more achievable goals.

And this post? A little all over the place and circled nowhere. Hello 2021 are we ready?

Stay tuned…

Let’s dance
Let’s sway
Let’s dance
And while the night away

One step here
And two steps there
Now take my hand
And dance the night away

And dance the night away

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