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This month’s blog chain for Absolute Write is on the subject “Muses”. Sadly this month was busy for most of the past participants and so myself and BBBurke have tackled this subject.


Just a small preface: I am going to be honest. But I am not going to use names as I don’t know if the two people who this is about will read this. I am not famous and we do not move in the same circles. And I am afraid what contact I do have I will lose. At times I feel as if I have reached a stalker status, but I don’t think I have. Funny that , huh?

Is it possible to be inspired and intimidated by someone at the same time?

I am simply writing about my muse. Oddly enough I found him on Instagram, and his influence fanned out from there. I had written a few stories, gotten maybe two out. Self-publishing you know and left it at that. But I have a few more published since then. And writer’s block was horrible over the winter and as contact became less.

I started following the growly bear. For he is one, well definitely growly at times, and furred. We all find one of those in our lives, I think. Followed onto Twitch and Youtube. Found Twitter on my own and by then three months later already had my own author’s Facebook page up and running. I think I became a little infatuated with my muse. No longer to an extent as I would consider him a friend. The decade in age no longer a factor. But I am actually working with my lack of discipline to get on with my dreams. To finish writing, to get in shape.

Because of him I have actually touched, found and typed up some of Three, though that story scares me. So many of my stories scare me. Why do I write that which eventually touches and exposes my soul, scaring me from finishing the story?

But through him I found my answer to Frank. It is a picture I have save on my phone of someone in a position I find beautiful and strong. Not him. A picture found of someone newer. Though the subject felt it was a defeatist picture. There is something I find beautiful in the pose. And so I found Matthew for my Frank. How he got there is to be told. But that picture and the man behind it (yes few conversations through Instagram I have an insight into my character) I now hold dear because a picture tells a thousand words. And I intend on writing as many thousands as I can.

Watching my muse achieve things in life, I am a little intimidated. But I have hope I can keep putting one foot in front of the other. I do not know if I will ever have the guts to say “hi” if I ever saw them in person. I would like to think I could, but I am plagued by my own insecurities. If they were to say “hi” first? Well I may just faint. No, I don’t think I would, but I am so socially awkward and forget how boundaries go.

Does this meet the definition of a muse? I don’t know. Do I feel inspired to be better at what I do? Well, yes. Do I have more ideas than I can write down, see myself in a different way, want to improve on what I have? Yes to all three.

So to my muse(s),

Thank you




Is fearr Gaeilge briste, na Bearla cliste

"You know I'm Irish when I can shoot rainbows from my hand :-) "
“You know I’m Irish when I can shoot rainbows from my hand 🙂 “

Land of Lucky Charms, Rainbows with pots of Gold at the end, Leprechauns, and green. Oh did I forget Potatoes?

This month’s Absolute Write Blog Chain is on St. Patrick’s day or Ireland.

Who doesn’t like the Irish, laid back unless you get their temper. Beautiful people and beautiful minds. No I have yet to go there. It is on the bucket list along with my three month walk about in the UK. Just a short hop skip and a jump across the Irish Sea.

I grew up reading about the Irish in all of my romance novels, I devoured quite a few. And I have yet to decide with is better the Irish accent or the Scottish brogue.

I will give this, they have good recipes, Potato and Leek soup. Was actually really good. There are a few other recipes that I have to try.

But the way they speak?

Where are the “th’s” ? Yes, that sound seems to be missing from their everyday speak. But it sounds wonderful. Thursday is just T’ursday. And a tongue twister of all “t” words? Brilliant.

I went looking for things that the Irish say that we in America don’t. And some of them I get, some well…. It’s a thingy…

1. “Sure look it” : If you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re not sure what to say, use this phrase.

2. “the jacks” : This be the restrooms (evidently they don’t use ‘restroom’ over there).

3. “Arseways” : yeah, I hope ye can figure it out. Basically it was buggered and went the wrong way.

4. “the press” : the cupboard. I don’t get it? cupboard = press ummmm….. no

5. “wrecked” : very tired. I think we use this here too when someone was out a little to late and isn’t completely functioning in the morning. 😀

6. “Minerals” : equals soft drinks or soda. hmmm another one to think upon.

7. “I will yea” : means I definitely won’t. Oh I love this!!

I am linking the pages I found them at, but… 35 Irish sayings and phrases you need to learn before you visit. 3.2.2015 Top ten words the Irish use that confuse Americans 2.4.2015

I also went looking for some famous people in Ireland… ( ) ( )

I found some I know.

Colin Farrell,

Pierce Brosnan,

Liam Neeson ( Oh, I am including him I know he’s from Northern Ireland, but forgive me?)

We all know Devon Murray… Harry Potter anyone?

James Nesbitt as Bofur… oh… The Hobbit anyone?

Gabriel Byrne

Oh. There are so many actors and actresses… That could be a long list. Love them all. It’s the accent I tell ya. And maybe the countryside?

Top of Galtymore Mountains
Top of Galtymore Mountains

March 2015 Blog Chain
This month’s prompt: St. Patrick’s Day or Anything Ireland (Irish)
Each post should be less than 1000 words if possible. Read and comment on other participants’ posts if you possibly can–they’ll be doing the same for you!

Layla Lawlor

All photos care of Instagram: JayCottz1988 with permission for this blog only.

AbsoluteWrite Blog Chain – Valentine’s

This year’s AbsoluteWrite Blog Chain started off in February. This month’s theme is Valentine’s Day. The following bloggers are participating in the chain. Please read and comment on their posts.

Each post is less than a 1000 words and is focused on a central theme.

Thank you for joining us J

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Janelle looked at the photo in her hand. Why she was here she didn’t know. Meggie had begged her saying that someone had to show. That leaving Max here to wait alone was just too wrong. That she could choose who she introduced Max to.

Uggh. She hated Disneyland. This was not her idea of fun and the half a million times she’d been dragged her had been by Meggie over the last five years. And the teacups? Really on Valentine’s Day, Meggie was supposed to have met Max. But no, being one of the few friends who could not go to Vegas for the elopement, Janelle was stuck breaking the poor man’s heart. Well not poor, she guessed.

Pausing, Janelle double checked the pictures on her phone. Meggie had sent her a few more in the last few minutes along with pictures of her wedding dress and the venue. How that girl had set things up so quickly in the last month was beyond her.

Sending a quick prayer and a small peek to make sure everything was how it was supposed to be, stupid shorts, Janelle started walking a little more quickly towards the ride. Supposedly they were meeting on the far side away from where the entrance to the ride was. Well not her and Max, but Meggie and Max.

She stopped and frowned. She was sure she knew who this was? How could she forget this face? People changed a lot in five years, she knew this from experience. Being a very fluid and happy person now. Man, Meggie had changed her life, made her face a few cold hard truths about herself.

But, those truths allowed her to be a better manager to her clients, though they weren’t really clients. More like an extended family that she had picked and chosen and luckily had been allowed into their lives. Though Meggie had more like stormed in and taken over, hence Janelle walking in 3-inch platforms on her way to the ride of horrors.

She did have to smile though, her family kept her hopping and depending on what or who was needed Janelle was able to haggle with the best of them and keep all of them happy and fed.

Looking up from her phone Janelle saw him in person. Watched his face as he recognized her. Saw the smile and the appreciation. Now Janelle knew…

Absolute Write Blog Chain – March 2014

This month’s prompt is “Lions and Lambs.” It’s the same as the last write a post not exceeding 1000 words and share.
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Lions and Lambs

Clara looked out over the meadow located behind the house she was considering buying. There was tons of room to run, not only for  herself but also for the rest of her flock. Of course barring any humongous predators running around they should be safe.

“What types of animals are there around here?” She turned towards the realtor waiting for here decision.

“Ummm, I don’t really know I never asked. I would assume the local animals, deer and rabbits.” Closing her file, the realtor looked back at Clara, “I think I heard about a bear last year. I don’t normally handle the sales out this far from town. Usually that is Eric’s job but he had something he had to do this weekend.”

“Well I appreciate you coming out and showing me. Is it move in ready?” Clara followed the realtor from the back porch to the kitchen. The house really was big, they had been through two front room, a living room with a fireplace, another den and the room that led out onto the porch. There was plenty of room to expand the house and still leave room for the five car garage that was attached.

“This is the kitchen, as you can see there is a large window nook and an island with  a grill. There are two ovens and the one refrigerator in here. There is another freezer in the attached pantry.”

Clara was falling more and more in love with the house. They would have to monitor for the local predators, but that shouldn’t be a problem. “We’ll take it.”

Eric lazed in a tree not far from the house his partner was showing. The wind shifted and he picked up the scent of… food? not food? Ears perking forward, his tail involuntary twitching with energy he waited for the two women to walk off the porch. He would have to go let his pride know that this meadow was off limits.

AbsoluteWrite February Blog Chain

Do you know what these crazy people did? They decided that this month we ‘characters’ get to write about them. Do they not realize… well it doesn’t matter. Here’s a list of all my counter parts..

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I guess I should introduce myself, my name is Io and I am an imp. I am not mean, I just get into trouble. I so have so much fun and I think if Nasagi caught me in one more embarrassing situation he may just loose his mind. Or my butt will get a little bit warmer. Well it already is warm a nice rosy warm. Oh I can hear both of them telling me to do what I am supposed to do.

And do you know what SHE has done? She’s left me back in… Well I don’t know where she left me, all on my lonesome not letting me get into any mischief. Then! What does she do knowing that I have to write something? She sends the computer into the shop. I keep telling her NOT to let her son use the computer. But she does, something about him needing to learn how to be computer savvy. And what happens, the dang thing breaks. Good thing she got it back just in time to let me get my writing done.

What can I say about her? She spends more time reading than writing. And more time writing about other boys than about cute little me. I mean what’s cuter than a little imp who has the heart of a big burly man? Nasagi loves me. Oh, off target again.

Well, I guess with all of the characters running around in her head she may have forgotten me a little bit. But I am still there! I really don’t know what else to write about her. I mean she’s kinda boring, a single parent who works all day long and then well parents all night and all weekend long. Where is the time to write?

Well I gots to go. Master says it is bed time and I soo cannot wait.


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