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Nat and Jake

Oh oh oh!!!

I forgot about Nat and Jake when I went looking for Frank I found some posts regarding them.

So now I have to figure out how to get them going. Seems I have a few blog chains to run.


hmm… but there are so many chains to follow. Maybe Frank can be a book in the end?

Ideas on how they should meet anyone??

Poor Dom Frank without his own boy. How does he meet Matty?

Absolute Write Blog Chain June 2013

This month’s prompt:

Yep. Bugs. Simple and easy.
Prose, poetry, play. Fiction, nonfiction. It’s all good, all bugs.

“Jake! Jake! Jake!”

Jake came running from the shop with Frank right behind him, “What?”

Nat was standing on the table in front of the couch in his office, “B-b-b-b-b-bug!” He pointed over towards the corner behind his desk.

Jake walked over to look thinking it would be a little beetle or something, nope! He scooted right back to stand behind Nat, he wasn’t quite joining him on the table. “Frank?!”

Frank walked around the desk and looked down, a very large, ugly, brown beetle was sitting in the corner. Frank grabbed a cup and a piece of paper and scooped up the bug. “I’ll just take this outside.”

“My Hero!” Nat jumped into a laughing Jake’s arms.



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Flash Fiction Friday

Nat and Jake

Jake watched as Nat stripped. He was right, the kid was only about 5’7”, and would fit just under his chin. Nat moved with grace despite the evidence of nerves. There wasn’t much to this room, a straight backed wood chair next to the door, a bed, a wardrobe closed so not to scare newbies or to give the illusion this was just a regular room and an open bathroom and small fridge. Jake watched as Nat glanced around then neatly folded his clothes placing them on the chair and his shoes underneath.

“Underwear too.” Jake watched the struggle, wondered if Nat would balk. Nope the kid took them off and stood unsure, moving his hands to hide his genitals. Jake would allow that for now.

“Do you know what a safe word is?”
“Y-Yes” Nat nodded his head.

“Yes what?”
“Yes sir?”

“When I ask a question the answer will be started or ended with a sir. Do you understand?”
“Yes sir.” Jake saw Nat start to relax.

“Your safe word for tonight will be red. It stops everything. Use yellow to slow things down.” Jake watched Nat’s eyes closely; he wanted to make sure his sub understood. He could see as the information was absorbed followed quickly by a look around the room the curiosity palpable with the unspoken questions.

“Come stand in the middle of the room and stay there.” Jake turned to go to the small fridge; it was stalked with orange soda and water. Good, he grabbed one of the waters and turned to see Nat standing in the center arms at his side, cock starting to show interest in what was going on. Good. Jake was going to push a little and if things went well he’d take Nat back to his hotel room. Here, well here was not where he was going to train the boy.

“Here drink this.” Jake handed the bottle of water to Nat and sat on the bed. Waiting.

“What do you know about bondage and submission?”

“uh…” Nat turned a pretty shade of pink and the color slowly traveled down his neck to his chest. Jake wondered if it would go all the way down. His cock rose to meet the color filling becoming fuller. Obviously the boy knew something. Seeing Nat’s cock rise and the adorable color, Jake’s cock started to fill his pants. He would not squirm to rearrange himself. He’d let Nat do that in a moment.

Flash Fiction Friday (32213)

“Why are you still here?” Frank was amazed and worried. When he had talked to Jake it had sounded like the weekend had gone well, but Nat was back to work on Wednesday. Well Nat’s body was back at work, his mind not so much.

Nat looked up at Frank obviously trying to hold it in, Frank melted. “Come here kid.” Nat came for the hug and comfort he so obviously needed. He started bawling and all Frank could do was hold him. He’d be talking to Jake tonight. “Shh.. It’ll all work out.”

“There was nothing I could do” Frank was saying later that night. “He was devastated Jake, how could you just leave him here?” Frank had spent all morning in the auto office consoling Nat instead of working on the car that was due the end of this week. Nat had needed it. “You do realize I had no choice but to bring him home. He’s asleep in the guest room.”

“I had no choice, he has to make this decision.” Frank could hear Jake growling at the sound of his boy in someone else’s house. “He has a lot of issues and I’m moving over there as soon as I have everything here straitened out. .”

“But to leave him like this?” Frank was growling now. Both of these men he cared about and they were both stubborn. He knew Nat wouldn’t call Jake and Jake like the good Dom he was would give Nat room to figure things out. “Well don’t wait too long, I don’t want to lose another office admin. That kid has the auto shop running so tight. He has to get it together before the boys in back find out.”

Frank ran his hand over his head. He was losing hair quickly and these two were not helping him.

“I’ve already talked to an agent. I just have to find a place over there. Keep an I on him.” Jake let out a huge sigh. Frank could hear him drop onto some furniture. “I’ll try to get back quickly.”

“He’s not going to call you.”

“I know Frank.”

“Just… just keep an eye on him. I have to make sure I have everything ready before I can give him what he needs.” Frank could see Jake sitting with his head in his hands. He’d seen that pose many times when Jake was working out a problem. “I’m coming for him. I don’t think he believes that. But I am coming for him.”

Frank snorted. Kid had gotten under the almighty Jake’s skin. “You fell for him.”


Flash Fiction

Nate and Jake




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