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What I’m doing…

Currently catching up on all the videos from Shep689 (can find them on YouTube). Luving these guys.

Reading the Farm Series by Andrew Grey. I had to start all over so I could read the last one. “Love Means… Patience” is where I am at in the series.

Spent the last two days watching a stream on Twitch of a European Guild in WoW. I soo cannot remember the Bosses they just got through. Some Of the reactions, comments between TS and the Host.

So, no I’ve accomplished nothing remotely “adult”.


A Gnomey Christmas

I am prefacing this with an apology to all World of Warcraft players. I haven’t been in the world in a long time and am just using a bit of fanfic and a whole lotta giggles to write this.  To those who possible know where this comes from, Forgive Me?

And now…   A Gnomey Christmas

As a baby Arcane Mage, Jelly knew she really should not have been playing with snow. How was she supposed to know that it would land in the house? In the growly bear’s room. Which was off limits and thus being off limits, it was Draw and Odd’s job to clean up the mess. She cooked, retrieved tea took care of the garden (icky dirt) but did not clean. The kitchens yes, the rest of the garrison, no.

Pulling at the weeds in the herb garden, she was grounded from playing with magic at the moment. As there was no one around to get her from where ever she teleported. That really was an odd thing to keep happening…

“hmmmph” yanking at a rather tough weed, wait. That wasn’t a weed, Jelly sat back on her heels and growled. And promptly landed on her ass, well might as well lay all the way down.

It was the shiny boots next to her head that got her attention. The shiny boots and shiny wings, which meant maybe the growly bear had not been in the house? Obviously to the tavern, not the house?

“Yes the house.”  Oops did she say that out loud?

“Yes. Finish the garden. Then help them out.”

Well at least it wasn’t an anaconda, or a fox.  Well, it could have been a bunch of bananas, ooo maybe Odd would let her work on conjuring up bananas? Or maybe Draw would for her? Bananas had to be good for something.


Standing up, Jelly looked up. Damn paladin was too tall. Why was she a gnome again?

“Snow goes outside. Wait until someone can help. Please?”

It was the tired sound that got her, “Okay.” Bananas were definitely needed.

Crawling across Draw and Odd that night Jelly snuggled down against the far side of the bed. “Thanks guys.”

“Your gonna get killed for the bananas you know.”

“Yup and you’ll be right there with me.”

“A dwarf, a gnome and  a paladin walk into a kitchen.” Jelly stopped tilting her head, “I can’t go anywhere with that.”

Waiving her hand, the teas landing where they were supposed to for once. On the bar, not in laps. Though that last time wasn’t an accident. One really should not question her cooking methods, or have such poor language in the house. So sad that person would not be back.

“That really would have been in poor taste”

Jelly just smiled, silly bear of course it was in poor taste. Serving up the chicken, veggies and icky potatoes she listened as they discussed guild matters, raids, quests and other what not that really did not make any sense. Maybe a trip to the library again, or wait. She could go play cards tonight. hmmmmm

“I’ll be gone for a bit.”


Jelly looked at the house. It had been hard sneaking out on Christmas night. The bed creaked, the floors were cold and the dang door squeaked again. She’d have to fix that later. But for now….

“Merry Christmas!”

“and where is our little gnomey-gnome?”

Odd and Draw looked at each other and ran out the front door into white powdery stuff.

“She did it.”

“It’s your turn to go get her”

“Yep she did. Care to explain the snow and the bananas?”

Looking up at the paladin, the dwarf and gnome looked back down at each other.


Jelly sat quietly at Razorscale’s Aerie. It was a safe spot as long as she stayed still. Such a pretty dragon flying overhead, shouldn’t take the silly paladin more than two hours to clear out the area so she could go home. The trouble caused when messing with things one should not do. Good thing the realm had a reset button. Yep, a very Merry Christmas to all.

Now about that last spell…


Pet Peeve- Be where you say you are going to be

I am notorious for not being where I say I am going to be… on-line that is. And it annoys me to no end that I do something I find absolutely frustrating in others.

I am trying to juggle Instagram, a Facebook page, Youtube (no I am not posting videos yet, but I do have playlists and people I follow), my blog (Thank you again for following me), Twitch (again a future project), writing my stories and life. Yet alone the few chats I am involved in across the board.

No wonder fellow gamers and bloggers are not always where they say they are going to be. However, IF (the biggest word in the dictionary) you plan on making a career in the public eye. BE where you say you are going to be and WHEN.

Make sure you are not biting off more than you can chew. It drives me nuts when I don’t have a pic before I leave the house for IG. I am getting better understanding if I at least post once a day I am good. That is not something anyone expects of me and I do not have a ton of followers (seem to flit between 60 and 64) lol.. I just expect it of myself and if I post more good.

I finally have Facebook figured out, post on Mondays, after I post to the weekly blog on WordPress. And I have Wednesdays figured out on WordPress, of all things I am a few weeks ahead. Now I should be able to catch up to NaNo and Twitch and my pics and … of all the dreaded things the emails and my commitment to a 12 month program where I am very far behind. I have finally caught up with Absolute Write, realizing it much like InstaGram is a Daily activity.

Now for my rant, if you post you will be online Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. You had best be. It is a proven fact: start how you intend to go on. If you want to build a web presence you cannot slack off, you cannot without being on your death bed not show up. If you are sick…. post you will return as soon as you feel well. Enlist in others to help you, and if you have enlisted in others to help you: DO not leave them wondering WTF??

And if you are a follower- be where you say you will be. Those you follow rely on you too. Be supportive and understanding that there is a life outside of the virtual world. I often fail at this, thinking I am the only one. Then I do a quick reality check and realize that I have let one my many media balls fall to the floor. I have some to go pick up after I get done writing this blog.

Social media much like losing weight or gaining muscles only happens IF you work at it. I am working at it. I very much would love to have enough going on the next few years that I could retire early and take a walk-about England. There are a few villages I am in search of… Who doesn’t dream of making it big? But that comes at a price – commitment, accountability and honesty.

I admit I have failed in the past in making sure I am here. I have failed in making sure I show up on chats that I have committed to. No more. If it means waking up a little earlier, staying up a little later, than I shall. If nothing else I owe my followers the common courtesy of being where and when I say I will be.

I also owe my family and friends (virtual and corporeal) the courtesy of being where I say I will be. This is something I am working on. Not a New Years resolution. But a NOW resolution.

(at the time I write this my followers hover at 99… Thank you)

I have succumbed

Well, yes I have succumbed. I missed my magey-gnome so much I am going back…

Yes, I am going back to WOW. I played a long time ago with a friend on their account, thus the need to get my own. And I did. After much debating and looking around I purchased the beginning boxed set.

However, I know how much time I don’t have for playing. So, thanks to the invention of prepaid cards, I’ll just purchase a few months at a time.

NaNo is starting up soon, so I will have no time I am sad to say.

But anyways I have so digressed from the original purpose of this post, it is the chat’s fault and Twitch’s as to why I am running screaming and jumping back onto the band wagon. No, seriously it’s all their fault.

Good news on the gaming front- I only have 3 more heroes to level up to level 10 before the next set of goals.

I hope all is going well for everyone.

sept oct 2014 075I am starting to like playing this character. I will have to find the picture from last night. Epic win!

Gaming Systems and games through the times

Now I am not an expert nor will I ever be. I have had the privilege to follow a few gamers on the streaming site, Twitch. If you haven’t been to the site and are a gamer/nerd/geek/techy-person, GO!! There are some great personalities and some not so great.  Depends on what you are looking for and from what I have seen there may be a little something for everyone.

Ok, so not the point of this post. On the chat I was participating in, realizing there was a great chance I am older than most of the people there (know for a fact I have a decade on the stream-owner), we got to talking about operating systems. Oh, boy do I know I am old.

I grew up playing Claim Jumper on the Atari 400, learned how to type on it too. But Claim Jumper was fun, running from snakes and tumble weeds, getting gold. The day when a joy-stick operated game was just that, a joy-stick. At the same time we had the old Atari 2600, Pac-Man, Pong, Asteroids!!  Those were simple games. Fast forward a decade and we got an Original Super Nintendo with Super Mario Brothers. Not so simple joy-stick and a headache, dang Kupas kept getting me. LOL

Jump ahead another decade- internal online gaming. Oh, it didn’t last for long we took up to much bandwith on the LAN. But it was fun while it lasted. No shoot-em-up first playing games while on the sea. One word for you, SEASICK. At the same time I was learning how to play nice with the boys and shoot up aliens and each-other, I had delved back into card gaming: Magic: the Gathering. I am now kicking myself in the butt. I had probably $20,000 dollars worth of cards- split it between the neighborhood kids when I left. <sniff>

Lets time-warp: EVERQUEST!!! Oh I had all the expansions right until they started to come out with Everquest2. I had a blast, it was the greatest reward, get all the housed-hold stuff done, complete homework, then spend all night gaming! I had friends, well internet ones. But the funny thing is, I actually did have real world I see during the week friends who I played with. Camping MOBs, doing quests, getting stuck in worlds where I was the wrong level and someone from the guild had to come save me. That was often. I played a mage-gnome and loved it. Mages rule! Not paladins. hmmmph… But sad to say, online fees and real life didn’t add up and I had to quit playing.

Fast forward, oh a year or two… WebKins. I would have never started playing this but within the largeness of our family there were a few little ones who wanted to play this. Not a problem, I being the responsible-have-no-clue-gaming Aunt played. And spent more money than I should of on a fad that quickly went by the wayside. Still have the squishy toys somewhere.

A few Leapster games, and now in the house we everything from original Gameboy- to the new PS4 with Destiny-beta. I so suck at that, its those joysticks I tell you!!

Personally I have just got back into gaming and enjoy watching people more than the play, though my fingers are itching to get back to the keyboard and I am literally drooling over a gaming system I looked at online – $4560.00. Yeah, okay a little much, but I would be able to do everything and Publish. A bit much?

So now, to assuage the check-a-book, I am playing Hearthstone and yes I will be doing the game the old fashioned way. Earning my cards by completing quests. Slow going.

But hey! I can watch Hearthstone online and learn what cards to put in what decks, and yes, I am playing a Mage mainly. Have to level up the other 8 heroes first. Slow going… Fun though. Then, then once the real world decides to play nice and says there is no more debt…. New computer and WOW here I come!!!

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