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Flash Fiction Friday

With a click…

Uriel stood in the shadows watching the woman before him. With one click she could change the destiny of the world. He could do nothing until she made her decision. Silently contemplating why he could feel no emotion from her as she studied her choice before her.

If she clicked the mouse, he could interfere, stay protect her. But if she chose not to, then he would be assigned elsewhere. It was strong and strange, this feeling of fate that he must stay by her side.

“I know you are there Angel.”

About to speak, it was the crystal blue eyes that stopped him, eyes so blue as to be colorless.

“Will you kill me?”



“I would have clicked yes either way.” Standing Sefora walked to the angel, Uriel if she remembered. Why had they sent the Archangel of Justice? Was he needed to weigh the scales…

“I have no choice.” She smile reaching out her hand to the one blemish on the man’s face in front of her.

“An angel with a broken nose.”

ggrrrreeee- ggerrree

Uriel went to move the women out of his way, but she side-stepped him and picked up the hell-hound?

“How did you get that?”

“Lucifer gave him to me.” Snuggling the pup a moment, Sefora turned the pup Uriel’s way, “He’s the runt.”


Flash Fiction (on a Thursday)

Emma looked out the plane window as it taxi’d towards the hub. Consciously stopping the jumping in her legs she focused on the tarmac. Too much caffeine,not enough sleep and a whole lot of nerves. What was she thinking? Moving from home to here? Almost half a continent away, and the sky was so grey.Taking a deep breathe Emma closed her eyes and leaned back in her seat. Was it only two weeks ago?

We’d love to have you come work for us. We have a wonderful position for a new narrative writer for the games we have coming out. Plus what we have read of your work we want to know if you would be willing to help with the new story arcs that are coming out.” 

Someone somewhere had read her work and liked it of all things. Her work. So much support from her online followers, not friends she didn’t know them really, though there was one. That would be a fluke. She hadn’t said where she was going, or who she was being hired by. Not wanting to jinx herself before she landed and got started.

Waiting until most of the passengers had disembarked, Emma gathered her computer case and walked up the airbridge to the terminal. The company had said they would send one of her new coworkers to pick her up, they’d be waiting outside checkpoint two. Which was just in front of her.

Emma looked up recognizing the face at the same time he said her name…

Somethings Missing

A collar for a Life


Sue looked in the mirror. Today was different. Today would not be a good day. Yesterday Alex had left, left and taken all of her security. In the mirror she saw the reflection, the reflection of an empty space. Looking over necklaces she had not worn in years, Sue could not fathom putting one of them on.


Sue walked to her front door, who would be here? who would know?

“You didn’t come in last night, we were worried.” Sue barely got the door open before Cliff was barreling in, Bear right behind him. “Oh hun, he didn’t!” That was all it took, Sue broke down crying over her loss, she had been safe and now was not.

Bear came in closed the door, giving Cliff a minor look of irritation. He gathered Sue to him wrapping his huge arms around her, this was going to be a long weekend. He had never liked Alex, but Sue had not listened. Maybe now she would, of course Cliff and he had to get her through this weekend, no clubs tonight. He’d call Jake after she went to sleep.

“Go make the bed and get some tea on Cliff.”

Flash Fiction Friday

Dev started up the stairs, leaving Frank to let the DM know all was well. He made his way to the far corner of the upstairs and settled into the large chair at the low table. It would let him see across the floor and know if he was needed in the club. He shouldn’t be. Max was running the bar so it should be good. HIs manager could handle most everything.

Dev finished situating the sub in his lap as everyone found their seats. He could feel her relaxing, her breathing start to match his. He let her come out of the attack on her own, knowing to do this because of what Mike had told him works best. Touch, quiet and no questions. Dev sat there holding Crystal as he listened to the others discuss this weekend’s plans. It was supposed to be a carefree three-day weekend at Jakes. Hopefully it would be.


Friday Flash Fiction


“Oh there she is. She hasn’t made it to the bar yet.”

Mike looked where his pet was pointing. Yes, their friend hadn’t made it yet. But she was in the club, out of her house. That was a plus. God it’d only taken a year. Hopefully Devin would be able to help her. Seeing as his mentor and friend had more experience with subs. There were no canes in the club tonight. The staff had locked them up. Not to say something else wouldn’t cause a panic attack. He knew he shouldn’t, hell they all did, but with every attack Crystal had had this year, whoever was with her felt as he did, helpless. Not an emotion he was used to or liking.

The group had finally brought this to Dev’s attention, the other dom dead. Dev had said give him a date, a time and he’d try to help. But, she had to come here.

He watched as Max pointed her in the right direction. Would she move?


“Display!” Mike snapped the words automatically, then looked to see what the problem was. Some idiot Dom was walking past Crystal with a 10-foot whip. He waited for the attack, ready to go, then stopped; there was Devlin.

Dev stepped in front of the sub just in time. He would have to figure out how the idiot got the whip on the floor later. He didn’t talk to his staff to hear his own voice. She stopped in front of him, that or run into him. He watched her eyes flick up to him then lowered quickly. He waited, her eyes raised, the question clearly in them.

“You’re late.” Dev held his hand out for the note she was currently crushing in her hand. Taking it from her “Come”. He turned and headed to the bar. She fell into step just to the right. He stopped to let a few customers pass him, then started forward again. Holding his hand behind him he felt her slip her hand into his. He tucked it into his waistband and kept crossing the floor, talking to customers as he went. He was one of the proprietors, it was what he had to do. He had felt Crystal relax once she was able to hold onto him. Hopefully Mike and Ashley had told her what was going to happen tonight. Leonard, lucky he was dead or Dev would have to kill him for the damage he had done. The bastard had been hiding, abusing and stealing from her for decades. He only knew a small part of the story but Leonard had gotten a hold of her when she turned 19. And to think the man had been a member here! Np one had known he was hiding a slave at home. He made his way to Mike and Ashley sitting at the bar.

Stopping in front of the empty seat, he pulled her in front of him and placed her on the stool. As soon as he removed his hands he saw the panic start. Stepping into her space he grabbed her left hand and hooked it back into his waistband. She started to relax. It was something he and Frank had discussed over the years, that sometimes touch could relax and provide security for a sub more than words ever could.


Dev looked at the body curled into itself under the counter at his feet. He had never seen a sup, person or soldier move that fast. As he bent done to Crystal he heard the litany, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Panic attack. Dev knew what that was. Man, if Leonard wasn’t head he really would have killed him. Dev stopped to breathe and calm himself before reaching out and carefully gathering the sub to his chest. He stood, careful to avoid knocking either of their heads into the bar. Standing he looked at Mike, Ashley and Frank, all right there to help if he needed it.

“Let’s take this upstairs. Frank, have Max find and kick out whoever has that whip!”

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