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Flash Fiction

Just real quick stories that don’t belong anywhere else. (possible parts of anthologies)

A Gnomey Christmas

I am prefacing this with an apology to all World of Warcraft players. I haven’t been in the world in a long time and am just using a bit of fanfic and a whole lotta giggles to write this.  To those who possible know where this comes from, Forgive Me?

And now…   A Gnomey Christmas

As a baby Arcane Mage, Jelly knew she really should not have been playing with snow. How was she supposed to know that it would land in the house? In the growly bear’s room. Which was off limits and thus being off limits, it was Draw and Odd’s job to clean up the mess. She cooked, retrieved tea took care of the garden (icky dirt) but did not clean. The kitchens yes, the rest of the garrison, no.

Pulling at the weeds in the herb garden, she was grounded from playing with magic at the moment. As there was no one around to get her from where ever she teleported. That really was an odd thing to keep happening…

“hmmmph” yanking at a rather tough weed, wait. That wasn’t a weed, Jelly sat back on her heels and growled. And promptly landed on her ass, well might as well lay all the way down.

It was the shiny boots next to her head that got her attention. The shiny boots and shiny wings, which meant maybe the growly bear had not been in the house? Obviously to the tavern, not the house?

“Yes the house.”  Oops did she say that out loud?

“Yes. Finish the garden. Then help them out.”

Well at least it wasn’t an anaconda, or a fox.  Well, it could have been a bunch of bananas, ooo maybe Odd would let her work on conjuring up bananas? Or maybe Draw would for her? Bananas had to be good for something.


Standing up, Jelly looked up. Damn paladin was too tall. Why was she a gnome again?

“Snow goes outside. Wait until someone can help. Please?”

It was the tired sound that got her, “Okay.” Bananas were definitely needed.

Crawling across Draw and Odd that night Jelly snuggled down against the far side of the bed. “Thanks guys.”

“Your gonna get killed for the bananas you know.”

“Yup and you’ll be right there with me.”

“A dwarf, a gnome and  a paladin walk into a kitchen.” Jelly stopped tilting her head, “I can’t go anywhere with that.”

Waiving her hand, the teas landing where they were supposed to for once. On the bar, not in laps. Though that last time wasn’t an accident. One really should not question her cooking methods, or have such poor language in the house. So sad that person would not be back.

“That really would have been in poor taste”

Jelly just smiled, silly bear of course it was in poor taste. Serving up the chicken, veggies and icky potatoes she listened as they discussed guild matters, raids, quests and other what not that really did not make any sense. Maybe a trip to the library again, or wait. She could go play cards tonight. hmmmmm

“I’ll be gone for a bit.”


Jelly looked at the house. It had been hard sneaking out on Christmas night. The bed creaked, the floors were cold and the dang door squeaked again. She’d have to fix that later. But for now….

“Merry Christmas!”

“and where is our little gnomey-gnome?”

Odd and Draw looked at each other and ran out the front door into white powdery stuff.

“She did it.”

“It’s your turn to go get her”

“Yep she did. Care to explain the snow and the bananas?”

Looking up at the paladin, the dwarf and gnome looked back down at each other.


Jelly sat quietly at Razorscale’s Aerie. It was a safe spot as long as she stayed still. Such a pretty dragon flying overhead, shouldn’t take the silly paladin more than two hours to clear out the area so she could go home. The trouble caused when messing with things one should not do. Good thing the realm had a reset button. Yep, a very Merry Christmas to all.

Now about that last spell…




Tears fall

Picture fade

Life unfolds

Feelings enrage

Fears arise

Questions unanswered

Life entangles

Desperation ensues

Waiting again

Baited breath

Crumbs crackers

Love laughter

Smiles sighs

Realty intrudes

Truth enfolds

Life breathes

Moments count

Tears fall

Pictures fade

Distance seperates

i have no one to blame but myself…

i can say this to my honest self. there are names and events i cannot clarify or expound on because my intent is not to cause issue or ….

Io sat looking out the cafe window. Typing again, alone again… Was this her life? What friends she could possible claim were the virtual sort. Not the flesh and blood needed to warm her soul and snuggle with as the nights got colder.

how does one write the true colors in one’s feelings? how do you separate the realty from what is in your head? how does writing the stories as quickly as you can get them out of your head only create more room for more…

Sipping her coffee, Io thought back to what had happened how she ended up here hiding in the coffee shop drinking coffee she didn’t like just to keep warm.

social media is a bane and a benefit. a bane because there is no true measure on each side. how do you know what the person is really saying? really meaning? i try to be honest to my readers, give the truth and how things are…

Sighing, Io wiped a tear. How did she say good bye? Did she say good bye? Is it wise to erase a certain social aspect out of her life to make others happy?

as for the good of social media, those of us who cannot do not will not are too socially awkward… well it give us a safe place to express ourselves to share what we have. who we are. what would we do if we could not interact safely our whole beings? do we hide from the world our bratty nature our lack of boundaries our financial difficulties from the world from ourselves.?


Io looked up into her husband’s eyes.

“Come home now. We’ll figure this out together.”

Smiling in relief, Io handed her husband the nasty coffee, knowing as with every other time he would drink it and help her over the latest writing slump venturing to derail her story line again.

sometimes having someone in your corner in reality or virtual is what it takes to tackle life’s hurdles. of course i have no one to blame but myself for forgetting it was our anniversary…

With a click…

Uriel stood in the shadows watching the woman before him. With one click she could change the destiny of the world. He could do nothing until she made her decision. Silently contemplating why he could feel no emotion from her as she studied her choice before her.

If she clicked the mouse, he could interfere, stay protect her. But if she chose not to, then he would be assigned elsewhere. It was strong and strange, this feeling of fate that he must stay by her side.

“I know you are there Angel.”

About to speak, it was the crystal blue eyes that stopped him, eyes so blue as to be colorless.

“Will you kill me?”



“I would have clicked yes either way.” Standing Sefora walked to the angel, Uriel if she remembered. Why had they sent the Archangel of Justice? Was he needed to weigh the scales…

“I have no choice.” She smile reaching out her hand to the one blemish on the man’s face in front of her.

“An angel with a broken nose.”

ggrrrreeee- ggerrree

Uriel went to move the women out of his way, but she side-stepped him and picked up the hell-hound?

“How did you get that?”

“Lucifer gave him to me.” Snuggling the pup a moment, Sefora turned the pup Uriel’s way, “He’s the runt.”

Flash Fiction (on a Thursday)

Emma looked out the plane window as it taxi’d towards the hub. Consciously stopping the jumping in her legs she focused on the tarmac. Too much caffeine,not enough sleep and a whole lot of nerves. What was she thinking? Moving from home to here? Almost half a continent away, and the sky was so grey.Taking a deep breathe Emma closed her eyes and leaned back in her seat. Was it only two weeks ago?

We’d love to have you come work for us. We have a wonderful position for a new narrative writer for the games we have coming out. Plus what we have read of your work we want to know if you would be willing to help with the new story arcs that are coming out.” 

Someone somewhere had read her work and liked it of all things. Her work. So much support from her online followers, not friends she didn’t know them really, though there was one. That would be a fluke. She hadn’t said where she was going, or who she was being hired by. Not wanting to jinx herself before she landed and got started.

Waiting until most of the passengers had disembarked, Emma gathered her computer case and walked up the airbridge to the terminal. The company had said they would send one of her new coworkers to pick her up, they’d be waiting outside checkpoint two. Which was just in front of her.

Emma looked up recognizing the face at the same time he said her name…

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