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Exercise will not make me look like a Super Model

I hear that one more time I will scream.

You will look like a super model if you keep exercising.

Um, no I will not. I have genetics against me on that one. I am not 5’11” and no amount of exercise will get me to that height. I don’t know how many ‘fitness’ gurus I have listened to on social media or followed or talked to or accidently ran across. But I will never in a million years have the body to rival a Super Model.

What I will have is a shape made for me. Hopefully I can be happy with it. With exercise I will unfortunately get my ass back. Not everyone wants a big butt, but in order to loose weight and slim down, my butt firms up. It doesn’t match the fact that the top half of my body does not put on muscle. Yes slimming down will give me definition but that is it.

Genetics and diet and exercise regimen make the difference between how a person looks when they are at their fittest. Telling people, impressing upon young minds that through perseverance they will become this idealistic figure is wrong.  What the Public/Media figures need to say is that you will become, healthier and feel better all around through exercise. That not all shapes put on muscle well and that sometimes what you see in the fitness magazine is not what you will get.

Now that being said… Palease quit posting before and after pics where it really really looks like someone has been surgically altered. I’m sorry, but boobs are not naturally that round. Or high or perky…

I do appreciate the posts where you can 1: tell it is a real person, 2: see that the timeline they have given you is realistic.

I’m sorry I am a single mom. Unless I want to get 3 hours of sleep I do not have the time to exercise for 2 hours a day plus work plus travel plus be a parent. I do have time for a quick 20 minutes before my day starts and I can use part of my lunch. But by the time I am done for the night, I am done. Literally.

I in no way am against anyone saying ‘get in shape’ it will do you good.

It is simply the ‘super model’ comparisons that irritate me, and maybe hurt a little because I know the reality that I will never be that tall and in poor shape. If memory serves me, many of those models are underweight and not in shape. Don’t quote me. I could be wrong.



Frank – collected with a new piece.



Posted on March 21, 2013 by J Elyzabeth

“Why are you still here?” Frank was amazed and worried. When he had talked to Jake it had sounded like the weekend had gone well, but Nat was back to work on Wednesday. Well Nat’s body was back at work, his mind not so much.

Nat looked up at Frank obviously trying to hold it in, Frank melted. “Come here kid.” Nat came for the hug and comfort he so obviously needed. He started bawling and all Frank could do was hold him. He’d be talking to Jake tonight. “Shh.. It’ll all work out.”

“There was nothing I could do” Frank was saying later that night. “He was devastated Jake, how could you just leave him here?” Frank had spent all morning in the auto office consoling Nat instead of working on the car that was due the end of this week. Nat had needed it. “You do realize I had no choice but to bring him home. He’s asleep in the guest room.”

“I had no choice, he has to make this decision.” Frank could hear Jake growling at the sound of his boy in someone else’s house. “He has a lot of issues and I’m moving over there as soon as I have everything here straitened out. .”

“But to leave him like this?” Frank was growling now. Both of these men he cared about and they were both stubborn. He knew Nat wouldn’t call Jake and Jake like the good Dom he was would give Nat room to figure things out. “Well don’t wait too long, I don’t want to lose another office admin. That kid has the auto shop running so tight. He has to get it together before the boys in back find out.”

Frank ran his hand over his head. He was losing hair quickly and these two were not helping him.

“I’ve already talked to an agent. I just have to find a place over there. Keep an I on him.” Jake let out a huge sigh. Frank could hear him drop onto some furniture. “I’ll try to get back quickly.”

“He’s not going to call you.”

“I know Frank.”

“Just… just keep an eye on him. I have to make sure I have everything ready before I can give him what he needs.” Frank could see Jake sitting with his head in his hands. He’d seen that pose many times when Jake was working out a problem. “I’m coming for him. I don’t think he believes that. But I am coming for him.”

Frank snorted. Kid had gotten under the almighty Jake’s skin. “You fell for him.”


(Not Posted)

Frank watched as Nat and Jake left the shop. It was closing time and he was once again going home to an empty house. He was envious for his friend. Envious and well… He had mentored Jake and now was happy to see his friend settle down with his own sub.

He should probably go and check in on the club. See the new crop of boys, but who was he kidding?

Making sure the office was locked as well as the store front, Frank walked back to the shop just as they guys pulled down the doors.

“You going out to play tonight?”

“Not tonight boys. I have some things to do.” Frank watched as everyone got into their cars and drove off before going and getting on his bike. He checked his messages

There is a rogue out. We may need to tighten security. Talk in the morning.

Frank looked at the sky. Just what the community needed. Well nothing for it tonight.

Posted on June 10, 2013 by J Elyzabeth


Yep. Bugs. Simple and easy.
Prose, poetry, play. Fiction, nonfiction. It’s all good, all bugs.

“Jake! Jake! Jake!”

Jake came running from the shop with Frank right behind him, “What?”

Nat was standing on the table in front of the couch in his office, “B-b-b-b-b-bug!” He pointed over towards the corner behind his desk.

Jake walked over to look thinking it would be a little beetle or something, nope! He scooted right back to stand behind Nat, he wasn’t quite joining him on the table. “Frank?!”

Frank walked around the desk and looked down, a very large, ugly, brown beetle was sitting in the corner. Frank grabbed a cup and a piece of paper and scooped up the bug. “I’ll just take this outside.”

“My Hero!” Nat jumped into a laughing Jake’s arms.


Posted on April 2, 2015 by J Elyzabeth

Frank checked with each Security station, the dungeon master, his partner James, double checked that Nat and Jake had indeed left and walked out the door.

He made sure that his phone was on. Every now and then something happened and he had to go back. Rarely as he was more the silent partner. He was growing tired of the games. Tired of trying to find a little innocence in the fresh faces that came in with each new crop.

He’d given the training of the subs and Masters over to Dirk, their new Dungeon Master. Upgrading security and hiring someone, that someone being a long time friend of all of theirs and his security firm. Well that had been a stroke of genius and a little luck. He could use a little luck, he seemed to be spending more time in the shop running herd on the boys there, watching over his friends.

Frank was ready for love to come his way.

Frank saw the screen on his phone flash. Dirk.


“Frank, we have a problem.”

A Thursday Thought

Well, more like an excuse. But I do not feel good. The head cold running around my house seems to think I would be the perfect person to land on.

Really I am against Valentine’s day. We discussed it in the chat yesterday (Yes Draw, I borrow from Twitch chat. *if I knew all your info I would give you credit*) and consensus not the best day. Not celebrated not… well ya get the gist.

Now, that being said and posting a Valentine’s day post for the Chain, I have decided the universe must owe me. I have a head cold. I need SNUGGLES!!! See I woke this morning with the perverse want of having someone to be there tell not to go into work. That I needed to go snuggle back into the covers, they would make sure I was all tucked in. Make sure the kid got off to school, they offices all called and then come back to snuggle with me. Just to be my body pillow.


I am at work. Drinking hot tea with the last basketball game of the season to look forward to tonight.

I am off of my regular blog programming. Two weeks behind and I don’t know if I’ll get it figured out.

But I got Monday’s done, and I am monitoring / mediating? this month’s blog chain for Absolute Write.

So busy busy.

And I would have totally forgotten about today’s post if Draw hadn’t reminded me on Twitch yesterday. Well not reminded but we started talking about Chat and the raid and how we could so totally write a book about it. Gotta love guild leaders. 😀 But writing the book on chat right off the top of my head? I’m good, but I am not that good.

Here’s to the Raid today and more ideas to pull for a book on WOW 😀

What I’m doing…

Currently catching up on all the videos from Shep689 (can find them on YouTube). Luving these guys.

Reading the Farm Series by Andrew Grey. I had to start all over so I could read the last one. “Love Means… Patience” is where I am at in the series.

Spent the last two days watching a stream on Twitch of a European Guild in WoW. I soo cannot remember the Bosses they just got through. Some Of the reactions, comments between TS and the Host.

So, no I’ve accomplished nothing remotely “adult”.


Start of the day

Okay, now this may sound, well I don’t know. For a few months my days started out with wonderful posts (well a wonderful post) each morning. Much motivation to get out of bed and start my day. Well the posts have been dwindling and so has my gumption to get up and go.

Not today, not a post I wanted. I could have done with out one. But not a bad post and positive for some others. Truly, no bitterness and much love to the other. I happen to like those posts, just not the first one.

I still got out of bed, did my arm and shoulders exercises(hey no exorcist today!) and downed the god-awful protein drink. Normally I love chocolate, somehow they missed the mark on this one. But I will drink it because, honestly I don’t have the money to waste buying a new bag of supplements. Maybe by the time I am done with it I will have a way to make it palatable.

Now, well my day is better, my kid’s not so much. Bus is running late and I am an hour away.

But, in my post missmypicturehessomeantome pout, I have realized something. I should be grateful for what I have.

To a better morning and a better day.

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