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Once you acknowledge the truths and the shadows;

Then, and only then can you find the unexpected beauty in life.

One Heart

One heart beats
Slowly then faster
One heart cries
Out in pain
One heart beats
Escaping disaster
One heart
One name

Two hearts beat
Slowly then faster
Two hearts cry
Out in pain
Two hearts beat
Surviving disaster

One heart beats
One heart fades
One heart reaches out
One heart hides
One heart dies

One heart
One heart
One heart

Time goes slow
Time goes faster
Time stops
Time rewinds

Dreams will never happen if you don’t take that first step.

Fate works. But you have to too!

Every now and then I have brilliant moments of madness. -2018

Writing.Com 101 may be a new site for me to go to.

I’ve heard too many bad things about other sites. Hmmm. will have to do more research.

I am looking for somewhere that I can do like writing chains and blog sprints and just short writes while I contemplate writing a larger piece.

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J Elyzabeth's Blog

A Writer's Journey of a Secluded Mind


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