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Wednesday Writing Prompts

“Are you going to tell them?”
“Why not?”
Mary wiggle her fingers at the infant looking over its mother’s shoulder. Holding a finger to her lips when the baby’s eyes widened in fright. The wink received was enough for her to know the infant meant no harm.
“Shhh,” Mary turned to her sister. “It’ll be fine. No harm, they have an infant and the infant has a home.”
Hands on hips, Anastan glared at her sister, leaning down to whisper shout, “But that is a 400-year-old dragon!”
The sisters paused when they felt a large hand on each of their shoulders, “And neither of you lovely dears will tell my wife.” The large man, similar in looks to the women, for he was their brother, walked between them to pluck the infant in question from his wife’s arms. Kissing the little one and then his wife before turning to the other guests scattered around the living room.
“Well I never!” proceeded Anastan’s flounce into the kitchen.
Mary merely raised an eyebrow at the hatch-ling now toothily looking at her over her brother’s shoulder. You are going to be a handful. It was the eyes widening and the rearing back in shock that let her know a handful and gifted. The imp. Thankfully, the family, minus a few unaware, would, should… might be able to handle a dragon? Raise a dragon?


<< via Twitter 7.15.2020 A baby isn’t quite what it seems >>

Twentypence for a lifetime, a laugh, a love, a thought
Typical ignorance denied the inspiration of inflation
Wonderfully, but for a pittance the thought was lost


The ultimate answer is forty-two
What was the question no one knew
Envious minds reply on rote
Nodding to something that could be a joke
The end the beginning
Your imagination could find the question
One night years from now
Newly evolved in a dawning light
Eschewing the answer, what was the question?

<< via Twitter 7.12.2020 Write a poem about the number 21. >>

Arising up out of mist
Silent wonder as ship begins to list
As sails start to twist
This syren’s call, I shall resist


Surrounded by water
Occluded by cloud
No footsteps have explored it
One space man has not named




<< via Twitter 7.10.2020 Write a four-line poem about a mysterious island. Do this two times: once where each line rhymes and then again with no rhyming at all. >>

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