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I forgot all about yesterday. It was rough. Everytime I get a little foundation built, my world goes poof. Then, well I am waiting for this love everyone talks about. Freedom from oppression. I fully believe   when someone comes at you with the expression I do this out of love it is not that. It is my association that those words mean pain for me. I hope I pray for an understanding. 
I wonder what Frank is up to. I think the last I left them was huddled on the floor in a safe spot. 

My wish for all of us is that safe spot. May you find yours as I search for mine. 



Where were you a year ago? 

I was living in a house falling down around my ears. Not the structure but the created chaos within. 

It is argued to this day who was the largest contributor to the slight insanity. I will admit I had my part. And now? Well I am paying for my part and beyond. One day it will go better. 

We haven’t talked finances in a while. We should. Just not Friday morning. 



I didnt plan welll. Finally got the Kindle 8.  Was going to write a review. Havent played with it enough. I should go play. 

What if,

Everytime the human race gets closer to a break through in science or theology

The higher power, however you describe him/her ( I claim God), says, “Wait! Woops, uh no. Here’s a…” Now fill in that space with a natural disaster, a man made disaster, a change in global politics, a change in a political leader. It could be grand scale, local, global, your back yard. What if, these “oh my the world is going to end it’s the apocolypse” momemts, they were tests?

Have we ever stopped to look? Scary thought. And I leave on that note. 


I have had my Kindle Fire for years now. Couldn’t tell you how long but, well, there are thousands of books on it. I have had to reset back to original programming a few times because I had used up all the space on the Fire.

Well, now I have bought a Kindle 8. Still trying to decide. Its black and white. Doesn’t light up. Very much like a book. It is smaller and lighter than the Fire. Not so sure how I am supposed to listen to the audio. Thought I saw somewhere about Bluetooth. I’ll find that one out. Is easy to hold in one hand. A bit sensitive on the touch screen. There’s no home button so getting there isn’t the easiest. I had actually bought so I could get the Bible in the original script, which the Fire wouldn’t support. I actually need to connect it to the WiFi at home and not just at work, so I can see if that is true.

Not so good of a review? I’ll say this the 8 fits in my purse a lot easier and works as a work book. No glare from the florescent lights. I’d read it at home, but it doesn’t light up. So the Fire I’ll keep for home. It lights up at night. Reading a single book between the two has been okay. They have been keeping in sync with minimal fuss.

If you want the actual specs, you’ll have to go to Amazon. While I was shocked at how small it is, I am not too upset with it. It’s done okay. I’m a Kindle lover all the way so… Unless it doesn’t support the Hebrew and Aramaic script, I’ll keep it. Now too see how long it will hold a charge?


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