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Frank checked with each Security station, the dungeon master, his partner James, double checked that Nat and Jake had indeed left and walked out the door.

He made sure that his phone was on. Every now and then something happened and he had to go back. Rarely as he was more the silent partner. He was growing tired of the games. Tired of trying to find a little innocence in the fresh faces that came in with each new crop.

He’d given the training of the subs and Masters over to Dirk, their new Dungeon Master. Upgrading security and hiring someone, that someone being a long time friend of all of theirs and his security firm. Well that had been a stroke of genius and a little luck. He could use a little luck, he seemed to be spending more time in the shop running herd on the boys there, watching over his friends.

Frank was ready for love to come his way.

Frank saw the screen on his phone flash. Dirk.


“Frank, we have a problem.”


i have no one to blame but myself…

i can say this to my honest self. there are names and events i cannot clarify or expound on because my intent is not to cause issue or ….

Io sat looking out the cafe window. Typing again, alone again… Was this her life? What friends she could possible claim were the virtual sort. Not the flesh and blood needed to warm her soul and snuggle with as the nights got colder.

how does one write the true colors in one’s feelings? how do you separate the realty from what is in your head? how does writing the stories as quickly as you can get them out of your head only create more room for more…

Sipping her coffee, Io thought back to what had happened how she ended up here hiding in the coffee shop drinking coffee she didn’t like just to keep warm.

social media is a bane and a benefit. a bane because there is no true measure on each side. how do you know what the person is really saying? really meaning? i try to be honest to my readers, give the truth and how things are…

Sighing, Io wiped a tear. How did she say good bye? Did she say good bye? Is it wise to erase a certain social aspect out of her life to make others happy?

as for the good of social media, those of us who cannot do not will not are too socially awkward… well it give us a safe place to express ourselves to share what we have. who we are. what would we do if we could not interact safely our whole beings? do we hide from the world our bratty nature our lack of boundaries our financial difficulties from the world from ourselves.?


Io looked up into her husband’s eyes.

“Come home now. We’ll figure this out together.”

Smiling in relief, Io handed her husband the nasty coffee, knowing as with every other time he would drink it and help her over the latest writing slump venturing to derail her story line again.

sometimes having someone in your corner in reality or virtual is what it takes to tackle life’s hurdles. of course i have no one to blame but myself for forgetting it was our anniversary…

With a click…

Uriel stood in the shadows watching the woman before him. With one click she could change the destiny of the world. He could do nothing until she made her decision. Silently contemplating why he could feel no emotion from her as she studied her choice before her.

If she clicked the mouse, he could interfere, stay protect her. But if she chose not to, then he would be assigned elsewhere. It was strong and strange, this feeling of fate that he must stay by her side.

“I know you are there Angel.”

About to speak, it was the crystal blue eyes that stopped him, eyes so blue as to be colorless.

“Will you kill me?”



“I would have clicked yes either way.” Standing Sefora walked to the angel, Uriel if she remembered. Why had they sent the Archangel of Justice? Was he needed to weigh the scales…

“I have no choice.” She smile reaching out her hand to the one blemish on the man’s face in front of her.

“An angel with a broken nose.”

ggrrrreeee- ggerrree

Uriel went to move the women out of his way, but she side-stepped him and picked up the hell-hound?

“How did you get that?”

“Lucifer gave him to me.” Snuggling the pup a moment, Sefora turned the pup Uriel’s way, “He’s the runt.”

Absolute Write -April

This month our chain went with the obvious again, April Fools. Please check out all of the participants in this month’s blog.

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And here’s my post, Gabriel had good luck in the bar where he works, so I went to go see how his boss Michael was doing. Maybe he has his hands full?

April Fools

Michael glared as the beer on tap came out all foam. What else was going to go all wonky? It had started when the club had opened and hadn’t stopped.

“What the…”

Michael looked over to see Gabriel covered in the latest drink he had been making. It was then that he caught site of the calendar. Walking over he flipped the page to see a smiling demonic face, April. April first actually.

Michael smiled, now he knew, Lokki. The little hell raiser was back, though it had taken him a long time. Michael had wondered if he had been too hard on his chastisement of Lokki back in December and he probably had been. But Lokki had left on assignment and evidence showing had just returned.

No, this Lokki wasn’t of the Norse Gods’ myths and mysteries. This was his demonic innocent looking plague. However, this time Michael was chaining him here, to this plain, to this bar, to this time, to his bed, his room, to him. If Michael could catch him.

Lokki watched the angyls behind the bar and turned his powers elsewhere. It’d been his drink that had been spilled. Michael would know once he actually saw what Gabriel was making, and the foamy beer? Well that was already there.

It’d been pretty tame if he did say so himself. He needed a place to stay tonight and didn’t want to piss Michael off. The angyl had cool digs and food and puzzles and toys and things. Well there had been enough stuff there to keep him busy. Lokki was tired. He needed a break and after this last shoot he needed a long break. He also needed a keeper and someone to play with and somewhere to let his powers out before they overrode him, again. The city worked. He did not need the repeat of a blistered butt on a 16 hour flight though.

His mind wondered looking for openings, a flat tire that caused a mechanic to talk to a young lady a little longer. The missed bus that started a business partnership, the car accident that separated the abused from the abuser; all good from his mischievousness, but well not wrong either.

Cupid sat next to him and handed Lokki his drink. “Gabrielle didn’t even recognize me. To enamored with his new man.”

Lokki looked over. The guy was cute and definitely looking better than he last time Lokki had seen him. He could cause events he just couldn’t choose, free will and all that. Though he probably could, no … that would result in another blistered butt. Nope, not going there.

“Ki,” Cupid nudged his shoulder pointing to a neighboring table.

“What?” Lokki looked and saw what had his brother upset. A romantic at heart, Cupid couldn’t handle cheaters and reading the same auras as his brother did, yes indeed MR. High-and-Fancy was cheating on his wife. Who happened to be sitting at the table with him and the woman he was cheating on her with. And it wasn’t his wife’s derrière that he was playing with. How to mess with that?

The heavy hand on his shoulder along with the growled ‘No’ stopped Lokki’s thoughts. He looked up and saw Michael behind him. Silver eyed, raven haired Michael with a very stern look, “Leave it be, they’ll figure it out.”

Michael’s look stopped him before he could protest.

“Go home C’id. He’ll call you tomorrow.”

Lokki really really wanted to protest Michael’s high handedness, but not really. That was something Lokki loved about Michael. He had rules and a moral compass and he made sure Lokki obeyed him when Lokki was here. How did he convince Michael to keep him? He had until the end of the April to get this solved. He didn’t want to go again.

“Stop thinking,” Michael released his grip on Lokki’s shoulder and walked back to the bare. And guess what? His imp was right behind, but with a concerned look on his face. Michael would have to fix that but it’d have to wait until they closed.


Lokki sat on the stool behind the bar and waited as Michael worked. He did okay for a little bit but was starting to wiggle. Michael kept his attention on Lokki as he filled orders. He could hear the imp moving around now. Soon he’d try to get up. Michael let a sub vocal grow come from his chest. He saw Lokki’s eyes go wide as he promptly sat back down.

“That’s one.”

Michael heard Lokki’s swift intake of breath, could feel his excitement as he squirreled around in his seat. Michael smiled at this and walked over to Lokki, leaning down so they were nose to nose.


Lokki’s eyes widened again sucking in the smell that was Michael, oh yes! They were going to play. Eyelids lowering, enjoying the butterflies in his stomach, Lokki sat back as he watched Michael work; waiting for another chance to move.

March 1 -Friday Flash Fiction

Cail and Gabriel came about from a prompt for the AbsoluteWrite Blog Chain a few years ago. Their first appereance is a passworded blog since it was written in the Erotica genre. I had fun with that one and learned a few new things.

The password for that is “Books”, and if you are going to read it is with the realization that you are over the age of 18. Please don’t read it if you are not as I have no wish to offend or enlighten young minds.

As for Cail and Gabriel, here is a piece of the morning after…

Cail and Gariel’s morning

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