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“Everything is permissable” – but not everything is beneficial. “Everything is permissable” – but not everything is constructive. Nobody should seek his own good, but the good of others. (NIV 1Cor 10:23-24)


“And it harm none, do as ye will”

“Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”

A theme? Three examples, yet those three examples represent different believes. None of them are wrong. Unless you think you are better than someone else. And trust me in my little knowledge of things larger and scarier than myself, the divisible of three is rampant. 

We have lost the wisdom of our elders. In my judgement I see they do not give their wisdom to us. In my judgement nor do I seek out the wisdom I know they posses. Neither is right. 

I say this whether whatever you believe what is meant to be, will be.  



I believe in love. And I realize the context these next words can be taken are extreme given the bent of your thinking. But how wonderful how awesome the “person” must be for such faith, such loyalty, such trust. Dare I say love?

To walk through the shadow of the valley of death

My Lord I will follow

To lay my head at his feet

My Lord His will to be


I write this the night of the ninth. In honest hope that I have it for the tenth. I write after a day full of negativity. Negativity portrayed by the same people who spouted that the media was all negative just days before. 

It’s time. 

Two words upon my mind, upon awakening. Before I knew the outcome of the political races. Before I knew whether or not my votes counted. Before I knew the world of today. 

It’s time. 

“I know” was my next thought. I know what is layed before me. I know the right words. I know Hope. I know the path yet not where to lay my feet. 

It’s time. 

Time to move. Time to quit blaming. Time to quit wishing. Wishing is in the past. Hope, hope is in the future. (Wise words from a lady on the last night of a bible study I am sad to see end) 

It’s time  

Two words that mean so much. The fork in my path before me is so bright. I have peace from God. 

That is one “time”

My words are here. See, see this time you   have spent studying? Yes, this “time” this is your next time. Write. Share. Study so you can inspire. Take what gifts you gave been given and


That is another “time”

The last, my third, 

These words I have
I am bound

Unbind me when the time is right

I wait as I am supposed to

I will start the work I before me

It is time
Hugs&kisses and above all Hope

Yes i am on my phone. The computer is too far away. 

Please remember the words we spoke in school growing up. Remember our pledge. 

This is when we pull together, this is when we love. 

Religous leaders, this is not when you persecute. But read with a discerning heart. Read the original words. They mean not what you think. 

Political leaders, this is when you put on your big girl panties and go to work for the people. All the people. Not the small section who supported you but all the people. Read your religous book. 

People, go to work. Work honestly and whole hearted. Do your share. Do not steal, break or maim. Love your neighbor. 

World, guide help support. Do not seek to tear us apart. 

I leave with hugs&kisses for all. And HOPE

I find that I often do not have good names for my heros and villians. Reading the Bible this morning I realized something…  there’s some good names in there!

Just thought I’d share 😉

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