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Groceries- in final edits

Completed the cover for Groceries today!

sept oct 2014 194

Macabre Noir et Blanc – Now Released

MN Cover finalMacabre Noir et Blanc is a collection of poems written over a decade. It contains poems that are simple and childlike to poems alluding to the darker side of life. These poems explore the simple things of life, from mud to boot-camp to nightmares in the night.
Please read with an open ear and a kind heart for many things touched upon are faced by someone sometime in their life.


Share your World

Looking through my readers list I found a link to Cee’s Share your World. Ever the curious bunny, I hopped on over. This is actually week 40 for the blog challenge. So I am picking it up late. It could be fun, all I can do is give it a try. This week is a list of 4 questions (in bold below), beneath each I will give as much of an answer as I can with where time stands.

You’re given $500,000 dollars tax free (any currency), what do you spend it on? 

$500,000 just out of the blue? Oh that would be one of those blessings in life. I would pay off all my bills… and then put money away for my son’s college. As for the bit left, do I really want a house? I might put away enough to make sure I could rent a decent place for the next six years. Then afterwards I could move closer to work. I know some would be put away for my 50th birthday present (a long ways away it is…). After all that? I am pretty sure it is spent.

What’s the finest education?

The finest education? What a parent can give a child. There are many things I have learned along the way that I wish my parents had taught me. Now I am doing my best to pass those lessons down. As for one of the hardest lessons to swallow, take responsibility for your actions be they good or bad.You chose to make them.

What kind of art is your favorite? Why?

The written word. I cannot think of any other that lets you be an artist of your own as your mind creates the images depicted by the words on a page.

Is there something that you memorized long ago and still remember?

“Once upon a midnight dreary, as I pondered weak and weary. Suddenly there came a tapping. As if someone gently rapping. rapping on my chamber door.”

I remember the gist of the rest of the Raven by Edgar Allen Poe, but to try to write more I would completely butcher the poor thing. It’s the cadence of the words that I remember the most.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Looking back, that I am finally finding the strength to move forward with my dreams once again. And looking forward? To finally be done with the book of poems. Though it kind of feelings like I am breaking up with it. 🙂

New Release today!!

It’s out now!


It is available at Image

Six years is a long time to wait.

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This is my first fan-fiction. And after reading G.A. Hauser’s “Keeping it Up”, I had to do something so I could deal with the contention in the book. It struck nerves, it caused squeamishness that normally I would never have felt. Maybe it was because I have fallen in love with the characters of these series. But I had to put closure and love back in a way that I could physically and psychically grasp and control my feelings. Three days of torture and I can finally put this down. I can’t wait to read more about them. These characters are real in a way.

“Okay Billy, he doesn’t know your here. I don’t want him to know just yet. Not until we roll film. Stay back behind Cliff and then when we roll, stand to the left where he can see you. See the red X? Well I want him to see you as he starts walking towards it. I want to see his surprise, his honest reactions.”

“Hey Cliff? Billy will be behind you. Kind of hide him until roll camera?”

“Sure thing Boss!”

“Hey kid? You Ready?”

“No, nervous, this is it? I’ll screw it up!”

“No, no you won’t. You know the motivation behind this?”

“I get it but I don’t.”

“Let me see if I can explain.”

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