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Yes i am on my phone. The computer is too far away. 

Please remember the words we spoke in school growing up. Remember our pledge. 

This is when we pull together, this is when we love. 

Religous leaders, this is not when you persecute. But read with a discerning heart. Read the original words. They mean not what you think. 

Political leaders, this is when you put on your big girl panties and go to work for the people. All the people. Not the small section who supported you but all the people. Read your religous book. 

People, go to work. Work honestly and whole hearted. Do your share. Do not steal, break or maim. Love your neighbor. 

World, guide help support. Do not seek to tear us apart. 

I leave with hugs&kisses for all. And HOPE


Frank and Matthew

It was the scream and thud that woke Frank up. He didn’t even pause just went out his bedroom door and across the hall.

“Pup? Mattie it’s me.” Frank walked in to a room in disarray and dark. Well there was half the problem Mattie didn’t leave the light to the en suite on.

“Mattie, it’s okay to leave the light on. I have the kitchen one on too.” Frank walked across using the light coming from the open curtains to make his way to the bathroom.

Turning the light on, Frank was able to see the crack in the closet. That wouldn’t be where Mattie was. No, the young man always somehow managed to get himself under the bed. Frank was too old and too large to be crawling under there, though that first night he had.

Grabbing the bedding and the pillows Frank settled down on the floor leaving a path to the bedroom and to the bathroom for Mattie.

“I’m just going to sleep right here pup. It’s okay. We’ll talk in the morning about changing the sleeping arrangement okay?”

Frank could just see Mattie’s eyes as he peered at him from beneath the bed. Laying back on his back, Frank shut his eyes and started counting. He hit ten when he heard the first shift, twenty when he heard the next. Patience was what Frank needed. How many times had he had to wait for Mattie to figure out that he wasn’t in trouble for being scared. They were still trying to follow Mattie’s trail, find where he came from and how he ended up at the club.

But until the sweet pup started talking they were running blind. Frank sighed, it would happen. Patience and quiet right now were the key. And Frank could provide that in spades. The guys would take care of the club until Mattie had adjusted then they would go from there.

120. Frank stilled and stayed silent as Mattie crawled next to him on the make-shift bed. He didn’t say a word. He had spoken the other night and sent Mattie scrambling for safety, now he just waited for a sign.

Mattie had watched the feet of the large man come in and turn on the light. He still wasn’t so sure that it was okay, but he wasn’t in charge. He had had another bad dream and hadn’t meant to wake anyone.

Now watching the Master lay down on the floor he felt guilty. Not that he had been punished for being inconvenient, yet. He didn’t understand. He had woken up the house, why wasn’t he in trouble?

Carefully crawling from under the bed, Mattie stayed low and scooted closer to the warmth that permeated from the silent form. Just to be warm. When no punches or scolding words came Mattie settled down to sleep. Maybe…

How did we get here with Frank and Matthew? I still do not know what I am going to call him, Matt, Matthew or Mattie. Comment below. And I’ll fill in some of the blanks as I go.

Thank you for reading. 😀


The beginning…

Matthew sat and watched. Well leaned against the bars and watched. He was so tired. Not hungry, not sore, no longer stiff and achy from sitting for so long, just tired.

The boy currently kneeling at his Master’s? feet was gorgeous. More so than he was. He had grown up late, a late growth spurt ruining the twink look he had going for him. Now, well he was too tall, too gangly, awkward. Awkward and bald, his soon to be former Master having shaved him bald. Everywhere, the dirty blonde hair… all gone.

He had seen this from the other angle, watched as the boy he replaced was let go. Closing his eyes, Matthew simply thought, “Please let me find someone.”

Advice to my past self –

I’ve seen this on a few of the Youtube channels that I follow and thought that it would make a great post. I’m just going to give myself five pieces of advice that for my past self that I have since learned now.

1. Your Grandpa really really does know what he is talking about when he tells you to not get a credit card. Don’t. You’ll get a chance to build credit when you buy a car. Once you learn how to live off of your paycheck then get ONE not 5.

2. Decorate your apartments yourself. Do not let others help. Listen and learn from their advice but do it yourself, otherwise it will be almost two decades later and you will not feel like you have a home because it doesn’t fit your personality.

3. Keep exercising! You always feel so great when you’re in shape. Work to keep that attitude going and do not let the negativity that surrounds you get you down.

4. Laugh. Your kid is cute. Cherish the moments when he giggles. He turns into a teenager one day.

5. Go talk to the rental agency. You only need one more month!! Think about your childhood and then put Josh first. One more month, that job you want and need? It’s there February 19th.

Just a few things for me. Now what do I tell my future self?

Share below any advice you would give yourself. Feel free to link a post to your blog.

AbsoluteWrite Blog Chain – Valentine’s

This year’s AbsoluteWrite Blog Chain started off in February. This month’s theme is Valentine’s Day. The following bloggers are participating in the chain. Please read and comment on their posts.

Each post is less than a 1000 words and is focused on a central theme.

Thank you for joining us J

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Janelle looked at the photo in her hand. Why she was here she didn’t know. Meggie had begged her saying that someone had to show. That leaving Max here to wait alone was just too wrong. That she could choose who she introduced Max to.

Uggh. She hated Disneyland. This was not her idea of fun and the half a million times she’d been dragged her had been by Meggie over the last five years. And the teacups? Really on Valentine’s Day, Meggie was supposed to have met Max. But no, being one of the few friends who could not go to Vegas for the elopement, Janelle was stuck breaking the poor man’s heart. Well not poor, she guessed.

Pausing, Janelle double checked the pictures on her phone. Meggie had sent her a few more in the last few minutes along with pictures of her wedding dress and the venue. How that girl had set things up so quickly in the last month was beyond her.

Sending a quick prayer and a small peek to make sure everything was how it was supposed to be, stupid shorts, Janelle started walking a little more quickly towards the ride. Supposedly they were meeting on the far side away from where the entrance to the ride was. Well not her and Max, but Meggie and Max.

She stopped and frowned. She was sure she knew who this was? How could she forget this face? People changed a lot in five years, she knew this from experience. Being a very fluid and happy person now. Man, Meggie had changed her life, made her face a few cold hard truths about herself.

But, those truths allowed her to be a better manager to her clients, though they weren’t really clients. More like an extended family that she had picked and chosen and luckily had been allowed into their lives. Though Meggie had more like stormed in and taken over, hence Janelle walking in 3-inch platforms on her way to the ride of horrors.

She did have to smile though, her family kept her hopping and depending on what or who was needed Janelle was able to haggle with the best of them and keep all of them happy and fed.

Looking up from her phone Janelle saw him in person. Watched his face as he recognized her. Saw the smile and the appreciation. Now Janelle knew…

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