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ABC’s Ask and Answer -Part 3

Part 2

Part 3

Danen looked at his commander and then Bobby, “Where did Drew go?”

Bobby fidgeted shuffling from foot to foot, looking at the alpha and then Danen.

“Come here.” Danen reached for the young pup, tucking Bobby under his shoulder. “Where is Drew?”

Bobby cuddled into Danen, “He left, he said to tell you. I don’t think I smell like him anymore.” Peering up at Danen, “Do I?”

Danen looked down into the large chocolate eyes staring up at him through thick lashes. “You didn’t get all the smell off. Kinda hard when he owns the place.”

“umm. hmmm.”

They both turned to the alpha, oops. “Who you are smelling is my brother. We should go talk there is a lot that you need to know about him.”

Kip, was rocked back by the news. His subordinates brother? His mate had been this close all of this time? Did the council know? “We’ll talk on the way. We have a last mission to go do before we get our release orders.”

Kip turned leaving Danen and the young pup with anxious eyes to talk as he went to tell the rest of his team they were leaving. His mate’s name was Drew. Was is short for Andrew? He’d have to find out. At least he now had a name to go with the wolf he had met three years ago while on a mission for the council. He would have to call them, but first the mission and all the information he could get from Danen.


ABC’s… Ask and Answer (part 1)

Captain Kurtrick “Kip” Wolk-son walked into the little bar and diner. The lights were at a level that did not hurt his sight, but allowed him to see through out the room. He saw his team sitting in a corner, backs to the wall watching over the other patrons. They had not noticed him yet, but he knew they soon would. How they would accept the upcoming assignment he didn’t have to ask. How they would accept him in the civilian world, he had yet to ask.

Kip tilted his head, a scent wafting through the perfume of a bar full of shifters, caught his attention. He knew that scent, had smelled it a few years ago. His wolf woke up, raised its head, Mate! Looking around, giving no outward sign he looked the bar patrons over, he did not see who went with that smell, though honestly he would only know the owner in wolf form.

Drew hid in the kitchen, his wolf begging to go back out and roll on the owner of that scent. He had seen Kip before the man had realized he was there and hid in his kitchen. This was his bar and he was hiding. His wolf side said get out there, his human side said “no way in hell”. The man was military. He did not want military leading his pack, how would a macho military Alfa show the lesser wolves and assorted shifters he had allowed on his land compassion? He already had his brother and his team coming back from the military, but they were the enforcers, the protectors. The ones who needed to be military trained. His Alfa needed to be compassionate, put the pack first. Take time out of a busy schedule to put the little ones at ease, how could a trained killer do this?

Drew needed to leave before the man/wolf started looking for him. Turning he saw Bobby, “Tell my brother I had to leave really quick. But make sure you don’t smell like me before you do.”

“Okay boss.” Bobby watched Drew leave and then went to tell his brother. What he hadn’t expected was almost 7 feet of Alpha-male in his face.

“Where is my mate?”

Snow Surprise

“Oh the weather outside is frightful,

and the snow is not delightful

and since I have some place to go!

Stop the snow, stop the snow, stop the SNOW!”

Cameron looked out at the snow falling down, it was well past the level he felt comfortable driving in. He was supposed to be meeting a blind date tonight, but this arctic rush came through and blew those plans out the window. He was just heading up the stairs to go change into sweats and get comfortable for a long, lonely, cold night when there was a knock at the door.

Opening the door, he found Jace on the other side. “Move man! I’m freezing my balls off here.” Cameron moved before he got ran over, grabbing the bags that were shoved into his chest as he gaped at Jace.

Jace hung up his coat, tugged of his shoes and locked the door, before turning and shutting Cameron’s mouth with a forefinger. “Honey your going to catch flies if you keep looking at me like that.”

Coming out of his surprise, Cameron was befuddled; “W… w… what are you doing here?”

“You didn’t think I’d miss our date did you?”

Tied for the Night

imagesCA8A3O8LBear left the room. He could stand in the kitchen and see into the bedroom. He would never have left Cliff tied up alone in a room. But well, he needed to call Jake. Cliff and Sue were tied together, the only way to get her to sleep soundly. It was three in the morning and she had been up every half hour wondering around the house. It had started to drive him nuts. But he couldn’t be upset with her.

“Jake here.”

“Sorry to wake you. This is Bear.”

“Yeah I know, what’s wrong.”
“I’m at Sue’s. Alex left her.”
“Yeah that about sums it up.”
“You need anything?”
“No, Cliff and I have it this weekend. But I’m thinking she’s going to need to come be babysat at the clubs on the weekends until she can function on her own.”

“Okay, thanks for the heads up. I know there is more. I’ll call back tomorrow, no later today, after I talk to Frank.”
“Thanks Jake.”

Bear hung up his phone and did a quick look around the apartment before heading back to the bed. Lucky for him Sue and Cliff were small, tied together they occupied about the same space as one person. Good thing Sue’s bed wasn’t small, else he’d be sleeping in a chair.

Bear laid down, grabbed the covers and closed his eyes. He’d try to get some sleep before dealing with this nightmare later.

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